Foreign-returned first-timer in fray in Shantinagar

Foreign-returned first-timer in fray in Shantinagar

For BJP candidate R V Nagarathna Yadav, it’s a plunge into politics straightaway, returning home from a nine-year stint with UK’s National Health Service.

“People would see India in a different way earlier. Now that the country has eminent leaders like Narendra Modi at the forefront, the outsiders’ approach towards India has changed. This is what drew me back here,” the aspiring corporator from Shantinagar ward told Deccan Herald.

Yadav has the guidance of her brother R V Umesh Yadav, who has been associated with the party for the last 23 years. Ask her if she would be able to relate to issues that Bengaluru has been facing after being abroad for nine years, she says, “I have been coming on and off to the City and my brother has kept me updated about the happenings here.”

She has a masters in bio-technology. The candidate, aged 33, wishes to improve the conditions in Bengaluru with the experience that she has gained by working with the UK’s National Health Service. “As part of the job, I was trained in various aspects, including information governance and data protection,” she said. Blocked drains, poor sanitation, leakage in water pipelines, potholes and tackling anti-social elements are among the issues that she wishes to focus on.

Yadav said that the experience she had gained will be put to use in promoting various government schemes that have failed to reach the masses. “There are so many schemes in place for women and children. Not many are aware of them. My focus will be on creating awareness among the beneficiaries,” Yadav said.

This candidate said that she has had a meeting with doctors and advocates of the area to strategically analyse what ought to be done. Her campaigning, she says, will be based on this. “With the help of our supporters, I have started conducting a thorough research about the area,” Yadav said.

“This is the first time I am contesting. However, I have canvased for my brother earlier. I am told that Shantinagar is a tough ward to win.”