Signature smiles

Signature smiles

Incidentally, smiles are of umpteen kinds, suggestive of many human traits.

Sometime back, I had been to an office to meet a person quite dynamic and uber enterprising. Since it was my first meet, I had some initial inhibitions in interacting with this inordinately busy being. But the moment he smiled, throwing that typical impish/boyish smile – which some men have, making them look like overgrown kids – all my inhibitions were instantly quelled. His signature smile indeed reflected a kind, genial and unpretentious persona.  

Incidentally, smiles are of umpteen kinds, suggestive of many human traits. There are haunting winsome smiles, that make you easily gravitate toward such folks. Then we have superficial factitious air-hostess-like smiles. Whatever be the underlying simmering emotion – envy, anger, disgust, irritation, hatred – they are all slickly camouflaged beneath the veneer of those inscrutable plastic smiles. And then, you see presumptuous smiles, interspersed with hoity-toity airs, flashed by film celebs, politicos, etc.

Then we have radiant unpolluted smiles from infants, bereft of all facades. Triumphant smiles are those you see on people, after they have achieved or acquired something amazing. And, you have over-biddable students, smiling deferentially and obsequiously at teachers. Then there are self-deprecating smiles from distressed employees, while getting a dressing-down from their bosses. You see the mean smiles of criminals, smiling with temerity, after committing a dastardly crime, as also smiling sheepishly after getting nabbed by cops!   

From old folks, you behold those wan, wistful smiles as they are ruminating over their balmy, halcyon days. Then, there are conspiratorial smiles from salespersons, adept at inveigling clients with their business spiels. And, you have vicious lop-sided smiles from canny colleagues at workplace, and dry inimical smiles from wily arch-rivals. Not to forget, the wry smile we witness on people when they don’t get what they would have expected to get.

In some strangers we see that skeptical smiles beneath their stony stares and glassy look. And then, there are menacing smiles from blustering bullies of big boys, hectoring smaller children. The coy coquettish smile you see in nubile lasses, indicative of a catch-me-if-you-can. Sometimes you see people, on hearing smutty jokes, smiling sardonically with faces screwed up, as if they are squirming and waiting to slink away.

From well-wishers we witness bubbly endearing smiles, creating a warm salutary effect, just as monk-like smiles from benevolent humans. And you see those empathetic smiles from confidants, after listening to your woes and throes. Not to miss, the satisfied smiles of people, stepping out of hotels, after they have stoked up scrumptious food. Some folks’ smiles appear, as if they are suffering from a severe case of constipation, too! 

Well, now it makes me really smile wondering what sort of smile would one be sporting after reading these kaleidoscopic varieties of smiles. Enigmatic?