Game fine, but scores hurt

Game fine, but scores hurt

Game fine, but scores hurt

I am very happy with the way I am hitting. I have given myself loads of chances at various points in each of three rounds so far. And it was the same on Saturday, when we came back for the third round after completing the five left over holes from second round.

But I will also admit to being quite frustrated with my score. I just didn’t make anything inside and around ten feet. So it's kind of one of those rounds that could have been, I think, but I'm going to have to play lights out tomorrow (Sunday).

You had to drive it well, and I did that. But I just didn't take my opportunities. I gave myself quite a few, but a little disappointed not to score. I scored poorly today.

All the top and in-form players are all raring to go. I am six behind leader Jason Day, who has been in great nick and two shots behind him is Jordan Spieth, who has been phenomenal this season. Justin Rose, Martin Kaymer, Dustin Johnson, Branden Jones and Matt Jones are lurking around. I am paired with Matt Kuchar for the final day. So, it should be interesting and I am relishing this chance – at the very highest level.

In the final, you're going to have to come out with a hot start if you want to have a chance, because there are birdies on this golf course. And these guys are good. You've got to play great. That's what want to do.

I love the golf course. I have said it time and again and I will probably continue to say it for many, many years. I love the track. I think it's a great test. It gives you lots of opportunities, but is also very penal if you do miss it. And I think that's how a golf course should be set up. It should reward good golf, and this golf course does exactly that.

As for the break, we had between second and third rounds, I don't really think that it affected me that much. In fact, I was lucky that I managed to go home and I had about two and a half hours to just put my feet up and relax and come back out. It always helps when you play good in the morning. I was a little disappointed with the afternoon, but I'll take it.

For the final, I just need to do one more thing – which is to make lots of putts!