Rush for the snack

Rush for the snack

Eat Street

Rush for the snack

Tempting: Holiges being prepared. DH photo by Manjunath M S

Sri Sai Foods prepares a wide-variety of local delicacies. These include dosas, sweets like kajjaya, puliyogre, chitranna and many types of rotis like rave, ragi and akki rotis. People wait in the queue for a plate of thatte idli and once they have it in their hands, there is a mad rush to find a calm place to eat. They eat at a snail’s pace to relish every morsel on their plate.

Watching the yellow stuffing for the holiges being made and roasted with ghee is a tempting sight. Prarthana, a homemaker who frequently visits this place, says, “I like the dosas as well as the idlis here. It’s just like home-made ones and it feels great to eat here.”

The dosas are roasted till it becomes crisp and golden brown, after which it is topped with ghee before  being served. Even soft dosas are made here. They are a little thicker in size and tastes different from the crispy dosas.

This is an ideal place for those who have a sweet tooth for traditional Bangalore sweets as well as for those who love food items like puliyogre, dosas and more.
Many of those who reside in and around V V Puram visits thindi beedhi in the evening and makes it a point to eat at Sri Sai Foods as well.

The place is usually brimming with customers. Hence, many people end up taking the food home.

Latha, an accountant, says, “I simply love the food at this place. After I finish work, I always come here with some of my friends. This is the place where I meet my school friends and eat. The food prepared here is really good. The food and the taste make me feel nostalgic.”