Dalai Lama on democratic Asian Community

Dalai Lama on democratic Asian Community

Global peace is beginning to become a reality. It is on the brink of flowering. But it is in this full-bud stage that we must take the most care, perhaps.

The Dalai Lama once explained, “Naturally, global peace cannot occur all at once. Since conditions around the world are varied, its spread will have to be incremental. But there is no reason why it cannot begin in one region and then spread gradually from one continent to another.”

His method of how to shift from a pugilistic attitude to a concordant one involves looking back on  mistakes made and correcting them.

“I would like to propose that regional communities like the European Community be established as an integral part of the more peaceful world we are trying to create,” he noted. “Like the former Soviet Union, Communist China is a multinational state, artificially constructed under the impetus of an expansionist ideology and up to now administered by force in colonial fashion. A peaceful, prosperous and above all politically stable future for China lies in its successfully fulfilling not only its own people’s wishes for a more open, democratic system, but also of its 80 million so-called ‘national minorities’ who want to regain their freedom.

“For real happiness to return to the heart of Asia – home to one-fifth of the human race – a pluralistic, democratic, mutually co-operative community of sovereign states must replace what is currently called the People’s Republic of China.”Given the media reports on human rights violations in mainland China particularly towards Tibetans and other ethnic minorities, the Chinese government wants to save face by calling the Dalai Lama a troublemaker.

But having vowed to work towards the happiness of all sentient beings, the Bodhisattva Lama continues. He noted, “Of course, such a community need not be limited to those presently under Chinese Communist Domination, such as Tibetans, Mongols, and Uighurs.

The people of Hong Kong, those seeking an independent Taiwan, and even those suffering under other communist governments in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia might also be interested in building an Asian Community.

“However, it is especially urgent that those ruled by the Chinese Communist consider doing so. Properly pursued, it could help save China from violent dissolution; regionalism and a return to the chaotic turmoil that has so afflicted this great nation throughout the 20th Century. Currently China's political life is so polarised that there is every reason to fear an early recurrence of bloodshed and tragedy. Each of us – every member of the world community – has a moral responsibility to help avert the immense suffering that civil strife would bring to China's vast population.” 

In other words, war is not an option. In the context of history it has proven itself obsolete.Dalai Lama’s solution is viable. He insists, “The critical point is that we find a peaceful, nonviolent way for the forces of freedom, democracy and moderation to emerge successfully from the current atmosphere of unjust repression.”

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