Abusing Bal Thackeray is 'spitting at the sun': Saamana

Abusing Bal Thackeray is 'spitting at the sun': Saamana

Abusing Bal Thackeray is 'spitting at the sun': Saamana

The Shiv Sena here on Tuesday dismissed Delhi-based publication Tehelka's comparison of the party founder Bal Thackeray with absconder mafia don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar akin to "spitting at the sun".

Hitting out at Tehelka's recent story drawing parallels between the late Thackeray and Dawood, the party said that since any criticism of Shiv Sena or its leaders succeeds in attracting national attention, it has become a fashion to target them.

"Such crude allegations are being made by a publication which has been discredited for outraging modesty, sexual assault and rape... It was already taught a lesson by the people and buried... But it is now attempting a revival from the grave with such statements against Bal Thackeray," the Sena said in an edit in the party mouthpiece 'Saamana'.

It contended that such publications and individuals like Justice (retd.) M.S. Katju love to criticse Shiv Sena or the Thackeray, knowing it would create a nationwide controversy and attract limelight for them.

"At times, they virtually beg - 'Oh, somebody come and attack, us, assault us, or spit on us' - to grab national spotlight... But they don't deserve it, the nation was proud of Bal Thackeray and his patriotism," the edit said.

Citing various instances, the party pointed out how the late Thackeray had taught the Hindus of India to "live with pride and like men", saved them and united them to face adversities and challenges, and instilled a sense of self-respect in them.

"He believed in summary execution of terrorists, advocated Hindu human bombs attacking Pakistan to teach the religious fundamentalists there a lesson, giving tit for tat to terrorists' bullets... If all this is terrorism, then it is 'patriotric terror' and all one billion Hindus in the country support him," the edit side, ripping apart Tehelka's contentions.

However, it said that "we have not drunk a dead mother's milk, so we will not flaunt the guts to attack a dead body", the Saamana indicated it would decide how to tackle it (Tehelka) later.
On Sunday, Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray had adopted a dismissive stance vis-a-vis Tehelka saying his party activists would deal with it.

However, estranged cousin Raj Thackeray's Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has taken up the issue strongly and demanded action against the Tehelka for its writings against Thackeray.