A journey from Belfast to Bengaluru

A journey from Belfast to Bengaluru

Soul-stirring music

A journey from Belfast to Bengaluru

Fiona Keegan has every ingredient it takes to be a soloist — a powerful voice, strong tonal quality, perfect diction and a lively personality. She came to Bengaluru from Belfast, Northern Ireland, with not just a suitcase full of music sheets but also a lot of energy and magnetic aura.

She is determined to spread positive vibes through her music and her cherubic nature, which resonate well with her audience. This was her third visit to the City. “I was just walking on the road after I landed. A lady and her son recognised me — they walked up to me and asked if I had performed in the City last year. This was extremely encouraging as we work to spread the joyful message of music all around the world.” 

The ‘we’ refers to the spirited ‘Toccata Musical Productions’ and boisterous ‘Kenyan Boys Choir’, who performed recently at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. Feted as one of the star soloists of the production, she is also the renowned chairperson of the St Agnes Choir in Belfast. Her popular pieces in the musical included hits from well-known artistes like Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. She also performed high-octave solos, beautiful duets and Western harmonies along with the ‘Kenyan Boys Choir’.

Fiona feels that with the increasing collaborations between choirs and acappella groups from different countries, fusion music is something that everyone is taking to. “Different genres complement one another and there is a beautiful balance between various flavours and cultures in a fusion piece. They work well with people today as fusion music retains the sheen of the individual genres despite including different dialects, accents and dance moves.”

She adds that their music too was in tune with the theme of this year’s production ‘Resonance’ as singers from different backgrounds and cultures came together, thanks to their hardwork and love for singing. But ultimately, Fiona believes that music is an artform that should leave people asking for more and during this visit, she was happy to receive a resounding applause for her performances in the City. 

Fiona is enjoying the aroma of home here as she thinks there are many similarities between Belfast and Bengaluru.“People in both cities live a fast-paced life. The traffic is crazy in both cities especially during rush hours. People like to honk just as much back home,” she laughs. She finds a smile on every person’s face here, which motivates her to keep coming back. “I am also a sucker for butter chicken, onion ‘bajjis’ and ‘naan’. Though I am not a fan of Indian food back home as we don’t get authentic Indian cuisine there, I love to indulge in it when I come here.”