They are always there for you

They are always there for you

New wave

They are always there for you

When anyone says ‘I’ll Be There For You’, one instantly remembers the popular theme song of the 1994 American sitcom ‘Friends’. Be it Phoebe’s Bohemian clothes or the trendy hairstyles of Rachel and Monica, every season of the show kept the audience glued to its seats.

It has been over 20 years since the show began and 10 years since it ended. Yet the jokes still make people laugh till their stomachs hurt; even the younger generation can connect to the series. College students speak about how ‘Friends’ has affected their lives.

Evergreen humour

Bharath Govindarajan, a student of The Oxford College of Management, says, “I have watched ‘Friends’ quite a few times and every time I watch it, I feel happy. The friendship that the characters share is evergreen and the show has just the right balance between emotions and comedy. I can watch it anytime as I am always ready for a good laugh.”

‘Blah, blah’ and more

Sharad Kumar, a student of The Oxford College of Science, says, “Bonding, friendships, relationships, break-ups etc, define the show and the life of those in their 20s. I can easily relate to the sitcom, which revolves around six ordinary people. Be it Ross’ ‘Unagi’, Monica’s obsessive compulsive disorder, Rachel’s hair, Phoebe’s ‘Smelly Cat’, Joey’s ‘Pizza’ or Chandler’s ‘Blah, blah’, every little thing about the show makes me want to watch it everyday.”

The super six

Shirin Raj, a student of St Joseph’s College of Commerce, says, “‘Friends’ is one sitcom that I have followed since childhood. Each character on the show is so important that you just cannot decide which one is your favourite. Being there for one another, just like the theme song goes, is what friendship is all about.”

One season a day

Priyanka N, a student of Christ University, says, “There have been times when I have watched an entire season in a day. The show is entertaining and yet gives out a very realistic picture of the lives of people in their 20s. Spending time with my friends is a usual part of my life. Though we have our share of bad days, we know we can always count on each other.”

Easy to relate to

Anshika Yadav, a student of The Oxford College of Arts, says, “It has been two decades now and yet, the show is so relatable. It is a series that everyone must watch at least once for a good laugh or just to cherish some of the best moments of their lives shared with friends.”

Friends forever

Tilak, a student of The Oxford College of Management, says, “The sitcom has had a great impact on my life and the way I have started seeing my friends. I believe that everyone we meet in life is for a reason. Our friends give us memories to cherish and lessons to learn for a lifetime. As the saying goes, ‘Love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant’.”

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