Pistachios find interesting takers

Pistachios find interesting takers

Nutty treat

Pistachios find interesting takers

Lip smacking food is always a delight and it is a sumptuous delight if it is healthy as well. With this thought in mind, Foodhall, a gourmet food store in collaboration with American Pistachio Growers (APG) organised a demo class at DLF Place, Saket.

Corporate Chef of Foodhall from France - Olivier Vincenot conducted the class on various ways in which one can use these skinny nuts in their daily cooking habits. 

Pistachios across the world are referred to with interesting names. In China, it is famous as the The Happy Nut, while in Iran it is called The Smiling Nut. The Middle Eastern folks refer to it as the Smiling Pistachio. 

With some nutritional punch, this nut has significant amounts of protein, magnesium, thiamin, fibre, and phosphorus. 

Adding more nutritious value to desserts like the popular Italian-American pastry Cannoli and a French dessert- Blancmange, Chef Olivier whipped recipes called the Pistachio Cannoli stuffed with Ricotta cheese and pistachio and, Pistachio Blancmange.

The signature recipe by APG -  Pistachio Hummus were a favourite appetiser for the evening. The participants, including food enthusiasts and food bloggers, were seen savouring the desserts. They mentioned that the whole process of making the dishes enabled them to ‘nurture the chef’ in them.