An assortment of life's hues, moods

An assortment of life's hues, moods

Abstract art

An assortment of life's hues, moods

Life is a journey that is filled with joy, celebration, sorrow, lessons, hardships and more. There are numerous episodes, big and small, that together make our lives move forward.

Exemplifying this journey with the help of contrasting hues, artist Ekta Jain has come up with her solo show titled ‘Emoting Hues’.

“Emoting Hues showcases my emotional journey in the course of life. It represents the various phase of life like the ups and downs, happiness and sorrows which a person goes through in their  life. Using bold colours, I tried highlighting those instances that together compose our existence,” Jain tells Metrolife.

The exhibition displays 65 works created with a desire to establish a correlation between colour, emotions and lines. Explaining one of her work titled ‘Wheel of Life’, Jain says, “This piece embodies the birth, death and rebirth phenomenon. When a child is born, his journey of life begins and continues till his last breath. But the wheel of life does not stop. Every birth is followed by death, likewise every death is followed by rebirth.”

Colours and emotions share a deep connection and with the help of this connection, the show brings out the artist’s imagination in the form of her abstract creations.

Elaborating on her predilection towards abstract art, Jain says “I was not into abstracts. In my initial days. I was into portraits and real life sketches. When I first had a taste of abstract art, I found it more challenging but the freedom which abstract art gives you to express yourself attracted me. Unlike figurative art, you are not bound to limit your ideas. With abstract art, I’m able to draw the unseen that gave me more inner peace. Every viewer perceives my painting in different ways, but this is what abstract art is all about! For me this form is a progressive experimental art.”

The artist, who draws her inspiration from S H Raza’s circles and meditative mode and Picasso’s cubism, took two years to complete the series of paintings. The merging and juxtaposing that Jain has used lucidly illustrates how chaos gives way to harmony. The exhibition is on till August 21 at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre.