'Emulate Na Krishnappa's life'

'Emulate Na Krishnappa's life'

'Emulate Na Krishnappa's life'

The Sarsanghachalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday called upon the volunteers of his organisation to emulate the life of Na Krishnappa, an RSS pracharak who survived with cancer for 31 years.

Addressing a condolence meeting for Krishnappa who died recently, Bhagwat said people mould themselves according to the surroundings, but Krishnappa was a personality who changed the surroundings according to his choice, which is extraordinary.

He urged his volunteers to take a vow to abide by at least one of the virtuous habits of Krishnappa to transform themselves.

Recalling his meeting with Krishnappa, Bhagwat said that he had spent 10 days with the saintly man during a training camp of the RSS in Nagpur.

“I know him from a distance as I had very less interaction with him. He appeared to be a personification of virtues. Those who know him from close quarters say that he was no different in his personal life too – an epitome of simplicity. That is the sign of a true sage.”

He said defying cancer for 31 years was not an ordinary feat.

“Probably, he lived with cancer for such a long period to send across a message to society that ailment cannot overpower a man with strong will power. Krishnappa had conquered death. He himself might have chosen to give up his body when he found it old and deteriorating, only to find abode in a new body. People like Krishnappa never die. They give up their body.”

Speaking on the occasion, Pejawar Mutt seer Vishveshateertha hailed Krishnappa as a man of virtues who lived only for the society and the nation.

“Living for others was the mantra of Krishnappa. Even in disease, he chose to meet people suffering from cancer to tell them how easy it was to beat death and the deadly ailment. His life was full of messages to the society.”