Nishant crashlands

Nishant crashlands

Aircraft has suffered minor damage, claims DRDO

Nishant crashlands

Nishant (UAV) crashlanded at Chikkatumutagiri in Bangarpet on Friday. dh photo

The UAV was scheduled to land at Defence Research and Development and Development (DRDO) premises at Muduwadi Hosahalli in Kolar taluk. The vehicle was launched at 11 am and was scheduled to return at 4 pm after flying over Hosur in Tamil Nadu. However, it developed problems around 2.45 and crashlanded with a loud sound. Wings were damaged in the accident. No one was injured in the accident.

On hearing the thud, a teacher and students in a nearby school rushed out and saw the damaged vehicle.

According to sources, the vehicle was valued at Rs 20 crore and was carrying Rs five crore worth camera on board.

In Bangalore, a DRDO spokesperson denied that the UAV had crashlanded.  However, he confirmed that the UAV was the advanced version of Nishant.

Spokesperson Jayaprakash maintained that the wings of the UAV were slightly damaged when the aircraft landed on an uneven ground. "The area where the UAV landed was earmarked for emergency landings and it landed using a parachute. The villagers assumed it was a crash," he claimed.

He also said that there was no significant damage and that the aircraft was going to be used again.