Govt keen on 'exporting' higher education

Last Updated : 20 August 2015, 20:16 IST

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The government is keen on “exporting” India’s higher education to generate money by offering online degree programmes to students abroad.

The Ministry of Commerce, which is holding an inter-ministerial consultation, has sought Human Resource Development Ministry’s view on how degree courses can be offered to students abroad online under a regulatory mechanism.

At present, the degree programmes are offered in distance education mode by institutions like Indira Gandhi National Open University. “The Commerce Ministry has sought to know if there is possibility of offering degree programmes on online mode too,” official sources told Deccan Herald.

The Commerce Ministry has also sought the Ministry’s view on a proposal to set up off-shore campuses of India’s reputed institutes in African and Asian countries including Dubai.
It has suggested that such institutes could be provided loans by banks to enable them to open campus abroad, sources added.The Commerce Ministry has also asked for the HRD Ministry’s view on its proposal to allow foreign universities set up their campuses in India, noting that 15 to 20 billion dollars go out of country as Indian students go abroad to study in foreign university.

“The Commerce Ministry is of view that allowing foreign university set up their campus in India would not only give Indian students opportunity to study in foreign institutions here but also help country save foreign exchange,” sources said. The Ministry has asked for the HRD Ministry’s view on whether a regulation drafted by it in 2013 to allow setting up of foreign university campuses in India under section 25 of Companies Act could be taken forward with certain changes.

The government is also re-examining a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) era proposal to allow foreign universities open their campuses in India under a law.

Published 20 August 2015, 20:16 IST

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