Higher education council's portal hacked

Higher education council's portal hacked

The website of the Karnataka State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) was hacked for a few hours on Friday.

The Council’s url- kshec.ac.in - showed a popular troll image that is commonly seen in social networking sites and in memes on the Internet. Along with the picture the words, “CYBER TEAM ROCKS” and “YOUR DATA IS MINE” were also posted.

An entity calling itself the “Clinks 48” has claimed to have hacked and defaced the website, but the reason for the act is not clear.

When questioned about the incident, S V Ranganath, former IAS officer who is presently serving as the vice chairman of the Council feigned ignorance.

“I have no knowledge about the incident. However, I am in the process of finding out what has happened.”

On July 12, the website of Isro’s commercial arm, Antrix was also hacked. While only the home page of Antrix was hacked, in case of KSHEC the whole website was hacked.