Hope grows on enthusiasm of first-time voters

Last Updated 22 August 2015, 19:44 IST

The low turnout of voters during the last BBMP elections painted a dismal picture of the sense of responsibility of Bengaluruaens towards their City.

However, a glimmer of hope is provided by the enthusiasm of a number of first-time voters this time - from young students to outstation residents who recently got their names transferred to the electoral rolls in Bengaluru. They turned up in quite a few numbers at polling stations across the City, making Bengaluru believe that all may not be lost after all.

I want to see changes in the health and sanitation situation of the city. Lately, there have been reports of a number of diseases such as malaria, dengue and these need to be quickly addressed by the authorities . Another issue is the repair of potholed roads and safety of children, specially girls, in schools.

Smrithi Mannar, Vasanthnagar

It was a good experience today, voting for the first time. Lack of cleanliness is a major issue in our ward and the new corporator has to address this.

Pooja, Srinagar ward

It is a right as well as the responsibility of every Indian citizen to vote for a better future. Dengue is a huge problem in my ward and I want this to be addressed as soon as possible. Basic infrastructure facilities, cleanliness, proper garbage disposal are the other acute problems that need to be looked into.

Akshita S Kumar, Girinagar ward

It felt great when I exercised my right to vote today. This was my first opportunity to do so in Bengaluru. The last time I voted was in Kolkata at least a decade back. My voter identity card got done this year in Bengaluru. The top two changes should be in the the areas of traffic situation and the quality of the roads in the City.

Sourya Mukherjee, Doddanekkundi ward (earlier a resident of Kolkata)  

I had exams at 2 pm today. Despite that I came to vote as I feel that it is my responsibility. Bad roads and water shortage are basic issues that need to be solved on a priroity.

Mala, Mangamanapalya ward

I want better roads and the new corporator to help the poor in my locality. I am very delighted to be voting for the first time in the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike elections this time.

Suvarna, Mangamanapalya ward

(Published 22 August 2015, 19:43 IST)

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