Will win 100 to 110 seats, claim BJP, Cong

Will win 100 to 110 seats, claim BJP, Cong

The BJP and the Congress on Saturday expressed confidence that they will win 100 to 110 seats of the total 198 wards. JD(S) national president H D Deve Gowda, however, said that his party will win only about 10 seats.

A source in Congress said that Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is expecting to win about 100 to 105 seats.  The BJP and the Congress have to win a minimum of 100 seats to get control over the BBMP’s administration.

Bengaluru Urban District In-charge Minister Ramalinga Reddy said people are fed up with the misrule of BJP in the BBMP. They  have voted for a change this time.  BJP leader R Ashoka said people of Bengaluru do not trust the Congress. They have seen the maladministration of the Congress government in the last two years at the State level.

Gowda, however, resigned himself to the fact that party would fair poorly. He said he will not be surprised if his party gains less than 10 to 15 seats as it has not been able to fund all of its candidates.

His son H D Kumaraswamy said that he is expecting his candidates to fare well in 40 to 45 wards. He also said that he will keep an open mind about extending support to the BJP or the Congress.