Haridasa Sambhrama

Haridasa Sambhrama

Music reviews

Haridasa Sambhrama

Haridasa Sambhrama

Music, Gamaka and discourses were held as part of Haridasa Sambhrama under the joint auspices of the Nadajyothi Sri Tyagarajaswamy Bhajana Sabha, TTD Daasa Sahitya Project and Sri Yadugiri Yathiraj Mutt, last week.

Vani Sateesh, who gave a vocal recital is the daughter of Vidwan M Venkateshachar and a senior vocalist of the State. In her current concert exclusively of Haridasa compositions, Vani was accompanied on violin by B K Raghu and on Mridanga by A Renuka Prasad. 

A Sripadraja’s Devaranama “Popu Hogonna” in Mohana, gave her a sunny start. It was followed by “Aarigadaru Purva Karma Bidadu” of Kanakadasa. The flowing alapana of Shankarabharanna and meaningful nerval (Garuda Seshadrigallu) added to the impact of the “Bhajisi Badukelo Maanava”. She also presented Bandide Apakeerthi (Naada Namakriye), Deva Narahari Embo (Shudda Sarang) and a Mangala of Prasanna Venkata Dasa. With her melodious voice honed to Sruti, Vani pleased the

Tributes to Vainika

Rudrapattana Brothers - R N Tyagarajan and R N Tharanathan gave a vocal concert at the Vani Vidya Kendra on Sunday. Rudrapattana Brothers, who are ‘A Top’ grade musicians, are known for their classism. There was musical fervour honed to the traditional format and justified the reputation they have built for themselves in a distinguished career.

Rudrapattana Brothers chose raga Malayamarutha for a detailed alapana. Malayamarutha belongs to the chakravaka varga and a shadava raga. No doubt it is a rakti raga and became more popular during the post Tyagaraja period. Brothers’ Alapana and Swaraprasthara had a dignified aura. Both nerval and swara for “Dhanyadevvado” (Patnam Subramanya Iyer) glowed with neat sangathies.

Earlier, they opened the concert with “Rama Neepai” of Tyagaraja in Kedara, which gave them a pleasant start. Dharamavathi had several aesthetically appealing phrases and the chitteswara of the composition “Ninna Nambideno” (of Swaramurthy V N Rao) was also well knit. The concluding Begade Thillana (Veena Seshanna) is also not a familiar one.

Senior violinist Nalina Mohan supported with pleasing touches, while veteran mrudanga artiste T A S Mani’s sensitive percussion support enhanced the rhythmic overtones and A S N Swamy on Khanjari suited the needs of the occasion. The concert was part of the birth centenary celebrations of Swaramurthy V N Rao, organised by five leading Sangeeth Sabhas of the city, namely, Malleswaram Sangeeth Sabha, Tyagaraja Gana Sabha, Naada Jyothi Sri Tyagaraja Swamy Bhajana Sabha, Karnataka Ganakala Parishat, Vani Vidya Kendra and Sri N Raja Rao.

Cultural festival

Prof  M P L Sastty was a reputed educationist, a scholar and a well-known social worker. Till his last days he worked sincerely for the development of M E S College. He was not only a patron but also a great connoisseur of music and dance. In his memory M E S Kalavedi conducts a cultural festival every year.

During this year’s “Vidya Sagara Prof M P L Sastry Memorial Cultural Festival” 15 young artistes participated in three music programmes (vocal, harmonica and violin duet), last week.

Sharada Karthik, who gave a vocal concert in this festival, is the daughter of Nalina Mohan, a senior violinist. She continued her training under M S Sheela to become both a vocalist and a violinist. She has performed in few places and has won prizes including “Prathibhakankshi” from the Rama Seva Mandali. Sharada was not confident when she started with the celebrated Todi Varna. But soon she settled and the invocatory piece “Vallabha Nayakasya” was neat and “Saraswatheem Bhagawatheem” was a welcome addition to the concert repertoire. “Anupama Gunambike” brought nostalgic memories and raga Bindumalini (Entha Muddo Entha Sogaso) is a favourite of connoisseurs always. For a detailed airing she chose two stately compositions - “Swarasada Bala Gopalam” (Swathi Tirumal) and “Bhajare Re Chitha Balambike’ (Dikshitar), which anchored well, to leave a good impression on the listeners.

Sharada Kartik has a trained voice that traverses in all the octaves and has a bright future, with some more higher training and concert experience. Sughosh and B S Prashanth accompanied on violin and mridanga,

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