FTII students pin hope on I&B ministry to end crisis

FTII students pin hope on I&B ministry to end crisis

Protesters seem optimistic after talks with ministry panel

FTII students pin hope on I&B ministry to end crisis

Students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune, on Sunday expressed hope that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) will proactively work on a solution that will quell all concerns that have come up about the institute recently.

“The students remain keen to hear the ministry’s solutions to re-instill their faith in the running of their institute, something they hope will start from reforming the apex governing bodies and will trickle down to addressing issues related to the staff, administration and infrastructure,” a spokesperson of FTII Students’ Association said while thanking the three-member panel of the ministry led by senior Indian Information Service officer SM Khan, Director General, Registrar of Newspapers for India, for reaching out to them.

The students hoped the I&B ministry would initiate reforms to ensure that transparency and excellence returned to the premier institute and the strike was called off soon. Academic exercises in the institute have been seriously disrupted by the protest and boycott of classes for almost two-and-half months now.

The protest by FTII students against the appointment of television-actor-turned-BJP politician Gajendra Chauhan as the president of the prestigious institute and some other persons with strong right-wing background as members of the governing council entered the 73rd day on Sunday.

The students’ body spokesperson said issues like “systematic failings”, the sense of disappointment caused by the ministry’s alleged ignorance towards the institute’s plight over the years and the students’ apprehension over the appointment of Chauhan and some FTII Society members were discussed with the panel in detail.

The spokesperson, while accusing the government of attacking the students’ integrity and work ethic by means of police intervention in the campus, said the panel told the media their willingness to resolve the stalemate.