BSY squirms at Advani poser on Krishnadevaraya

BSY squirms at Advani poser on Krishnadevaraya

Whos loves the king more?

BSY squirms at Advani poser on Krishnadevaraya

 Senior BJP leader L K Advani gestures while addressing a gathering in Hampi on Friday. DH photoWhen Advani posed this question to the Government, which had organised the three-day colourful event in Hampi, the erstwhile capital of Vijayanagar kings to mark the 500th year of the coronation of Krishnadevaraya, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa maintained that the people of both the states liked Krishnadevaraya.

However, the chief minister was in for a shock when Advani said his experience was otherwise.

Popular in Hyderabad

The octogenarian leader recalled that when he was the information and broadcasting minister in Morarji Desai government in the post-Emergency period, he had asked the sound-and-light division to prepare a programme on the history of Vijayanagar Empire.
To his surprise the programme was popular and drew a good crowd when it was staged in Hyderabad. However, it was not organised even once in Karnataka. 

Advani was speaking after launching works on the theme park on the Vijayanagara empire in Hampi on Friday. The BJP leader hailed the rule of the Vijayanagar king and said many of his works and administration were worth emulating even today.

Yeddyurappa said the State government has planned the Rs 5-crore project to depict the glory of the famous kingdom in Hampi.

Theme park

The Punaschethana Prathistana, the trust entrusted with the restoration project, will construct a theme park on the lines of Aksharadhama in Gujarat. The theme park will also house a museum and a centre for research in an area of 235 acres.