Give up intelligence to experience God

Give up intelligence to experience God

Give up the arrogance and conceit that comes with intelligence if you want to experience godliness. Scholarship is no criterion to measure devotion.

Neither is illiteracy an impediment to attain self-realisation. When a human realises that he is not the body but the soul, he achieves a higher state of life where he is unable to see others as being different from himself. Such a state is called self-realisation. The entire universe then becomes an extension of himself.

Information, they say, is not knowledge and knowledge, they say, is not wisdom. Knowledge normally refers to the sum total of knowledge that we have at our disposal. Wisdom is the ability to transform that knowledge to promote the common good.
Real education lies in experiencing God. This is why Sri Ramana Maharishi once said that illiteracy is ignorance but education is learned ignorance.

The Gopikas of Brindavan were not proficient in the scriptures but they were irrevocably grounded in Krishna consciousness where they saw Lord Krishna in everything.
“When man realises the Self and strives for the good of society,” he becomes not merely the knowledgeable but a wise leader of society who can judge what is best for society in an objective and impartial manner. Only then can he be a real Karmayogi or a Rajarishi who strives not for selfish ends but for the good of all.”

“Choose,” said Sri Babuji, “whatever name of the Divine you like. That makes no difference to Him because all names are His. His name is not going to be polluted by the condition of your mind and body.

On the other hand, to purify all pollution is the one supreme quality of His name. Therefore, take refuge in His name and see for yourself how wonderfully it works.”
Developing a spiritual outlook is critical to realising godliness. Devotion helps us orient our mind inwards, erase feelings of duality and develop purity of mind. Spiritual energy serves as an effective deterrent against developing greed, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions. It helps foster peace and harmony through understanding. It helps develop renunciation.

However, this should not be confused with externals like giving up physical possessions: “Renunciation,” said Sri Babuji, “should be in relation to the mind and merely dress and outward appearances. Real renunciation lies in mind. Giving up the ego is real renunciation.

God realisation is possible with meditation but it must be understood that meditation does not mean closure of the eyes and remaining physically immobile. It means the single-minded execution of all duties and responsibilities by meditating upon the lotus feet of the Lord and surrendering all our thoughts, words and deeds to Him. Yoga is perfect equanimity of mind.