Titan's Sonata launches 13 new watch collections

Titan's Sonata launches 13 new watch collections

Titan's Sonata launches 13 new watch collections

Sonata, India’s largest-selling watch brand from Titan, on Monday launched the Super Fibre 13 new ‘Touch Series’ watches priced between Rs 1,799 and Rs 2,899. The Touch Series is a collection of watches that combines technology with sports.

Unveiling a new logo for SF by Sonata, Titan Watches and Accessories Division Chief Executive Officer S Ravi Kant said, “SF by Sonata is dedicated solely to the timekeeping needs of adventure enthusiasts and aims to deliver revolutionary products to its customers.”

 He added that these products are designed with international partners in Hong Kong and China.

“The target consumer for this sub-brand SF is urban male aged between 15 and 26 years, and those who are looking for adventure,” he added.

Touch Series watches are multifunction digital sport watches designed to provide accessibility simply by touching/swiping the screen, doing away completely with push buttons.

“Sonata Super Fibre launched its first touchscreen watch in 2012, which was a game changer and an instant hit with the Indian youth. The new Touch series takes it to the next level by introducing the first ever Slide Touch watch. You can now swipe your Digital watch just like you would swipe on your phone,” Kant added.

Titan Chief Marketing Officer Watches and Accessories Division Suparna Mitra said, “In the months ahead we will see many exciting offerings in the adventure gear space.”