An autumn of many shades

An autumn of many shades

Solo exhibition

While seasons like monsoon and winter have been muses of many artists, an artist has found inspiration in bright and vibrant hues of autumn. Sunil Kumar Saini has used oil and acrylic media to offer a refreshing take on autumn in the solo exhibition “Autumn Aureate".

 A resident of Delhi’s Ashok Vihar, the freelance artist tells Metrolife, “I work on themes that I see and observe in my daily life. Whatever colours I see in my surroundings, I take inspiration from them and draw on my canvas. For instance, the Delhi metro construction has been depicted in my work.”

With abstract concepts ranging from geographic shapes to human figures,
Saini, who showcased his work at Indian Habitat Centre from August 19 to August 22, said that the underlying theme in his works reflect using colours like yellow, red, black and blue.

“Autumn is a season for balancing light and dark, letting go and accepting the impermanence of things. It is the right time to leave living the beaten path and allow spirit to take charge of our lives,” he points out.

“I met with an accident last year which gave me one year to work on this series,” he shares with Metrolife. ” An artist for two decades, Saini loves to experiment with watercolours and oil.

“Watercolours are a fast medium to work with. Oil takes time to dry up as it is a layer by layer work,” he says, adding oil being his favourite medium, he loves merging colours, especially primary colours.