Phantom, the ghost who limps

Phantom, the ghost who limps

Phantom, the ghost who limps
Hindi (U/A)
Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif
Director : Kabir Khan

Saif Ali Khan plays Daniyal Khan, a disgraced soldier who is offered a chance by RAW to restore his honour. So, there goes our phantom on a mission to avenge the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. That takes him to Chicago, London, Beirut and Syria before he winds up in (where else) Pakistan, where all the plotters are holed up.

He is assisted by Katrina Kaif, the keeper of tons of national secrets. Ms Know-All also happens to be an expert at identifying terrorists (even if they take great pains to undergo plastic surgery). During an England-Pakistan cricket match, all it takes for Kaif to spot a baddie from among thousands of spectators is some smoke and stub. Apparently, the Pak ultra had changed his face, but forgot to change his style of smoking! Now, that’s some puffing good stuff.

Director Kabir Khan’s fixation with all things Indo-Pak continues, after his breezy Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Unfortunately, Saif is no Salman. And his Phantom is a boring ghost who limps.

The only time our man loosens up is when he sits down for a sip. Kaif downs gallons of coffee with Saif, but refuses to spill the beans when he turns inquisitive.

Based on the book Mumbai Avengers, the movie pits its cast against the likes of David Headley and Hafiz Saeed, and even allows the hero to get even with the masterminds of 2008 attacks.

Alas, by the time redemption is attained and Katrina Kaif reaches for another drink by the side of the magnificent Taj, Phantom’s patriotism loses its flavour.