Inmates behind man's death at de-addiction centre

Inmates behind man's death at de-addiction centre

The Kothanur police have cracked the mystery behind the murder of a 28-year-old man at a private de-addiction and rehabilitation centre in Byrathi on August 21 by arresting three fellow inmates and a reformed supervisor of the centre on Wednesday.

The suspects are Subhan, Simon Kumar and Suresh and Narayan, a former patient and supervisor.

During interrogation, the foursome revealed that on August 21, the victim Dinesh started creating ruckus at the centre as he was administered medicine for alcohol addiction. He was screaming and running around the centre, but the suspects, who could not sleep, managed to calm him down. A while later, Dinesh rushed to the toilet and started shouting.

The suspects tried to overpower him but he attacked Narayan with a plastic pipe. Angered by his antics, they tied his hands and legs, thrashed him and left him there, said the police.

On Saturday morning, the staff at the centre found Dinesh lying unconscious near the toilet. They shifted him to a nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead. They informed the police who sent the body for postmortem. The victim’s family members rushed to Victoria Hospital and found bruises and injury marks on the body. They suspected foul play and lodged a complaint with the Kothanur police.

A senior police officer said, “While questioning the people at the centre, the suspects confessed to the crime. We have registered a murder case.”