More city men died daily than women in '14

More city men died daily than women in '14

There were more men than women in the 332 people who died every day, on an average, in the city in 2014, said the latest data released by Delhi government on Thursday.

Out of total registered deaths,  62.17 per cent were male and 37.83 per cent female, said the  annual report on “Registration of Births and Deaths in Delhi- 2014” prepared by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics.  The number of reported registered deaths went up from 97,000 in 2013 to 1.21 lakh in 2014.

In urban areas of the city, 157 pregnancy- related deaths were reported last year and of these the biggest group of 43 women were aged 45 years and above.
In rural areas, there were six pregnancy-related deaths in 2014.

The data on deaths in urban areas showed that 24,266 housewives and non-workers died  last year and most of them  - 7,673 – were aged above 70 years.
As many as 739 ‘professionals’ died in the city last year. Of these, 566 were men and 173 women.

Most of the `professionals’ whose deaths were registered last year were aged 70 and above – they numbered 194. This was followed 176 in the age group 55-64.
A total of 121 professionals aged 45-54 also died last year.

Infant mortality

As per the data, last year the infant mortality rate per thousand live births worked out to be 21.66, which is less in comparison to the preceding year.

During 2014, the infant deaths were 8,097 or 6.67 percent of the total registered deaths, which is less than 8.52 percent infant deaths during the preceding year.
The official data said that out of the 8,097 infant deaths, 7,990 were institutional – that is reported at some health institution – and 108 were reported elsewhere.
As compared to the 332 daily deaths in the city in 2014, as many as 1,024 babies were born, on an average, on each day of the year.