Charmed by memories

Charmed by memories

Charmed by memories
It was her passion for creating unusual jewellery that led to the birth of ‘Youshine’ in 2008. Monika Pal Sood, the founder of the fashion jewellery and accessories brand, gives a new life to charms. “Charms are not just confined to the older generation.

They have also captured the attention of the youth as they help them tell a particular story or cherish a certain memory. We often see people wearing small ornaments consisting of religious signs or amulets for different purposes, like luck or health, and decided to explore this particular accessory, which is nothing but India’s version of charms.

Based on themes such as ‘Compassion’, ‘Cosmos’, ‘Essence of You’ and ‘Ethnic’, ‘Youshine’ charms aim to revolutionise the way young cosmopolitan women express themselves and offer people a plethora of options to express their emotions, experiences and choices,” says Monika.

Their patterns are first designed and then fit on bracelets, earrings, necklaces and anklets. The unique thing about the charms is that the wearer can change them and make a new design as per their requirement.

The fact that “the designs are not repeated and there is a new product available everyday at an affordable price” is what captures the attention of the customers and compels them to come back.

“We target anyone aged between 18 and 34 years. However, most of our customers are women between the ages of 22 and 26 years,” explains Monica’s husband Ashish Sood, who works as the head of business development, execution and finance for the brand.

The brand also offers other trendy items. “We offer everything from earrings, ear cuffs, chokers, necklaces, cocktail rings, bracelets, anklets and hair accessories to handbags, clutches, scarves, leggings, sunglasses and caps,” shares Monika. 

With its presence in various cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Surat, ‘Youshine’ strives to be the fashion brand of choice for every modern cosmopolitan Indian woman.

“We plan to open new stores over the next three years and explore more with our designs and innovations,” adds Ashish.