Hunt for your next house through Virtual Reality

Hunt for your next house through Virtual Reality

Hunt for your next house through Virtual Reality

Google democratised Virtual Reality (VR) with its dirt cheap Cardboard, well, almost.

Anyone with a fold-out cardboard could make a mobile phone mount in a jiffy and watch amazing photos, animations and videos in 360 degree splendour! VR mobile apps emerged quickly to grab the huge potential offered by this low-cost platform.

For Bengaluru’s architects, interior designers and the real estate industry, the platform was just what the doctor prescribed to showcase their range of apartments in multi-dimensional avatars., a leading online real estate portal, has now introduced CommonFloor Retina, a tool to view, review and assess multiple properties from anywhere.

The concept is pretty straightforward. You just need to instal the CommonFloor Retina mobile app on your Android phone, launch the app and insert the phone inside the CF Retina headgear.
The headgear is just an  improvised form of Google Cardboard. Once the App is opened, the properties could be accessed through virtual reality.

Projects to be scaled up

CommonFloor co-founder and CTO, Lalit Mangal said the number of listed projects will be scaled up by working closely with the builders.

The simple magnet on the headgear acts as a navigation tool. Users could explore the interiors, including bedroom, living room, kitchen and the outdoor amenities and parking. The app also saves the builders the cost and space to construct a model apartment. A property buyer could visualise the building and apartment under consideration in greater depth.

“It should be useful to customers who cannot be physically present at the property location before buying, and also to people who have already purchased a property and want to share it with their family and  friends,” said Vyoma Pandit, senior DGM, Marketing, Brigade Group.

One lakh projects listed currently has over a lakh residential projects listed on their platform from over 200 cities. The VR app works on the Android platform with the following phones: Nexus 4 and above, MotoG 2nd Gen, Samsung Galaxy 4 and above, MotoX and Mi3.