Land in litigation: Kempe Gowda Layout formation slows down

Land in litigation: Kempe Gowda Layout formation slows down

The formation of the Kempe Gowda Layout – touted as one of the faster layouts being developed in the City – is actually slowing down as nearly 600 acres of land which runs into thousands of sites is caught presently in litigation. And the cases are not being resolved as fast as the government, Bangalore Development Agency (BDA) and the applicants would want.

Work is supposed to be carried on 2088 acres that the government has allotted to BDA, but as litigation and local problems with farmers and land owners persist but the work is going on, on only about 500 to 600 acres.

 “The layout formation work has slowed down as nearly 600 sites are caught in litigation.The litigation sometimes has been so acute that work had to be stopped in some areas for nearly six months. Convincing land owners and farmers to part with land takes time. Farmers respond positively only when they see that other farmers have accepted the terms of compensation. They talk to the other farmers to understand the basis of the compensation and only when they are convinced do they move forward,” BDA officials working on the layout formation said.

Land owners who have been forced to part with land have moved the courts to take back their land or at least a portion of the developed land.

“A single bench order of the High Court had ordered that land be returned. However, a division bench had quashed the order of the single bench and upheld acquisition, but with the rider that a portion of the developed land would have to given back to the land owner. The ratio of developed land to be given was of the order of 60-40 per cent and the farmers had the freedom to choose land from any part of the layout.

The BDA is fighting some of these cases and is gradually overcoming hurdles. Owners are being given the option of taking cash only, developed land only or a combination of both,” BDA officials said.

Litigation is also the cause behind the Arkavathy Layout formation with land owners, site allottees and aspirants up in arms against the slow formation of the layout. The same problem now persists with Kempe Gowda Layout. The BDA is hoping to finish the work on 2,088 acres in about four months, which in reality may go up to six months or even a year.

 Of the 12 villages identified in the first phase of the project, four villages are approaching some sort of completion. Once work in all the 12 villages are completed, BDA plans to take up work on the rest 1,973 acres land that has to be released by the State government.The layout is coming up between Magadi road and Mysore road in South Western Bengaluru.

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