Gotham night for Batman fans in the city

Gotham night for Batman fans in the city

Many TV series such as Bates Motel (prequel to the famous Psycho) and Better Call Saul (prequel of the best known TV series, Breaking Bad) have seen light in India through internet and not television primarily. But fans always find a way to know more about their favourite characters.

The most memorable would be the 2010 BBC TV series Sherlock Holmes called Sherlock (released on TV), which brought back the love of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work but also stylised it with many new elements. So we saw a livelier 21st century Sherlock and Dr Watson. These are the new age dramas which may or may not follow a script but always keeps people glued to the screen and waiting for a year for their next ‘season’.

Jatin Varma, founder of Comic Con India where the geeks of comic books, superhero movies, video games, anime and manga unite, has organised a Gotham Night for Batman fans in the City.

Indian fans of the caped guardian of Gotham city will have a special day to show their allegiance to him. Batman fans can get to experience a special exclusive screening organised by Comic Con India and Zee Cafe across different cities (Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad) of Gotham Season 1 Episode 1 before the official TV Premier On Zee Café. Not just that, there will be giveaways and free Gotham themed drinks for Batman
Universe Cosplayers.

Jatin Varma says, “Though the diehard fans may have already seen Gotham online or through Torrent, but for most I think this night will be the first.”

Comic Con India, which has seen great revamping over the years, will soon see its fifth edition from September 12 to 13, and as a run to the main event, Varma, has visualised the Gotham Night.

Varma tells Metrolife, “Gotham TV series released in USA last year and as Comic Con is gaining more momentum in the country, I thought it would be great to bring fans together for such an event.”

According to Varma, Batman has most followers all over the world, “his anti-hero nature, his dark broodiness, his realistic attributes and even the villains in the comic have a special place in people’s heart”.

He says, “Batman is just like a regular person, he was not born with super powers or gained it by magic. He worked hard to be the saviour of Gotham city.”

Gotham, the series, is a contemporary prequel to the pre-Batman Gotham. The characters go back to their younger days and the idea develops to tell the stories of the becoming of Batman and several Batman villains like, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze.

Fans need to register themselves for the event at
Registration for the event is compulsory to attend the event, post registration selected fans will receive a confirmation call regarding the event.

Entry will only be allowed to the confirmed list of fans, who have received the call.
Venue: Summer House Cafe, DDA Shopping Complex, Hauz Khas. Date: September 9 Time : 8.00 pm

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