A musical voyage

A musical voyage

Travel and music go hand in hand. In fact, a combination of the two is a spiritual experience for many youngsters. Providing this perfect mix are the music campouts that happen within the country and abroad.

Youngsters are increasingly taking music holidays as music fests are considered to be the best way to break away from the monotony of daily life.

There are a number of music campouts that happen for a stretch of three to four days within the country. That includes the Sunburn Festival in Goa, Storm Festival in Kodagu, NH7 Weekender in Bengaluru and Ragasthan in the deserts of Rajasthan. These are considered to be epic ways to explore tourist destinations, provide youngsters a chance to camp in tents and groove to the music they like.

While there are many foreigners who attend the festivals that happen in the country, there are an equal number of Indians who attend  popular ones abroad like ‘Ozora’ in Hungary, ‘Tomorrow Land’ in Belgium, ‘Shambhala’ in  Canada and ‘Ultra’ in Miami after pre-booking their tickets, sometimes six months before the event!

Karthik Kumar, a music lover and a travel enthusiast, has gone to many music campouts and has had “shared spiritual experiences with like-minded people”. This year, he was part of  ‘Tomorrow Land’ and ‘Ozora’ festivals . He says, “These fests are a perfect getaway and worth one’s time and money. While music is the highlight, it is
the vibe that accompanies such campouts that attracts me. This year’s ‘Tomorrow Land’ saw 10,000 Indians and there was a clip of one of the Mumbai concerts played at the backdrop during a performance.” ‘Ozora’ being his favourite festival, he says these fests are great destinations to make friends for life.

Nolan Lewis, a hardcore listener of metal music, has been to one of the biggest metal festivals  — ‘Wacken Open Air’ in Germany. He says, “It is a friendly zone and one gets to listen to the biggest metal artistes.

These fests provide one-of-a-kind experience.”

 He finds these festivals  far better than the music campouts that happen in India.
“With top class arrangements, they are 20 years ahead of the ones that happen within our country. It is also the people that make these fests interesting. Here in India, the organisers are unsure of so many things and it is not a friendly crowd that you find. But abroad, you can strike a conversation with new people you meet and share experiences.

 The whole camaraderie of these music campouts abroad excites me.” Tariq Merchant, another music aficionado, attends various underground music festivals to listen to independent artistes.

He says, “These fests let one become socially aware of the world around. The campouts are a rare experience where one gets to learn to be independent and make use of the limited resources. These also provide an opportunity to showcase one’s hobbies
and talents and learn new skills from people around the globe.”

He adds that it is  fun to set up one’s tent and camp amidst  nature. The ‘Burning Man’ festival that happens in Nevada is his dream music festival.

He adds, “This is like the modern day ‘Woodstock’ festival. There is electronic and acoustic music and is better than the other commercial music campouts.”
There are many music festivals that even fuse adventure with music and cater to the cravings of youngsters who look for a travel and music bonanza.

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