How to blend it like Extramarks

How to blend it like Extramarks

Digital provider claims to make learning enjoyable for students

How to blend it like Extramarks

 Delhi-based Extramarks Education, a digital learning solutions provider, claims to have got it right when it comes to blending entertainment with education.

Poonam Jamwal, chief marketing officer (CMO) of Extramarks Education, says, “Entertainment and education did not blend well until the digital learning space made it possible.” The CMO claims that prior to Extramarks, there was no clear logic behind the programmes on digital learning platforms. “If content is presented in a very linear manner like in books or even old-world digital platforms wherein it lacks cross sectional references and inter-activeness, it fails to involve and indulge students,” she said. 

The curriculum at Extramarks, she says, is apt for classrooms in that it is age-appropriate and focused on classroom outcomes. While modules are generally delivered in the form of videos, the instructional design is weaved into the videos and is complemented by challenges for students that are gently placed in the framework.

Digital learning traditionally was incorporated in the subjects of mathematics and science, whereas humanities and languages were largely ignored. Extramarks includes all subjects, and English and Hindi languages in its curriculum. In this context it has found that digital learning in schools is more beneficial at the junior school level where students are more adaptive and gain most from interactive storytelling and gaming experiences. So here it is more of a push strategy. At the high school level, it is more of a pull strategy where students make use of digital learning voluntarily, especially after school. 

Entering the sweet spot

Jamwal believes that Extramarks Education is now entering its sweet spot. “We are getting into the sweet spot now with our content ready, 4G services coming in, and buyers ready to buy and invest in digital learning formats,” she said.

“Previously most of the content on digital platforms was sourced from the West which students could not really relate to. It only ended up becoming something of entertainment to them and their understanding of concepts became shallow…We have introduced relevance and depth in our content,” she said, emphasising the effectiveness of the platform.

The platform, she says, complements and at times even supplements the teachers, so that the child and his/her education is not compromised due to differences in teachers’ approaches and calibre. 

The company emphasises on accessibility and affordability in its channels of distribution. While the content can be purchased online, it also offers the same on a Tab, the memory card of which can be purchased and replaced as and when the student graduates from one class to another.

Extramarks recently launched the ‘pay per use’ feature on its mobile app. The feature allows students to access a particular chapter without having to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. “Students who do not need the entire package and need help with only one or two modules in particular subjects, they can avail this unique feature,” said Jamwal.

The facility is available for around Rs 200-Rs 300. It works out for the user as well as the buyer who in this case is not the end user, she said.

Annual packages with all subjects, she says, are the most popular across all classes. While monthly packages are generally priced around Rs 1,000, annual packages come with a discount and are priced around Rs 8,000.

Fun with learning


 Extramarks claims to weave instructional design into videos
 This is complemented by challenges for students gently placed in the framework
 Digital learning traditionally focused on mathematics and science
 But Extramarks includes all subjects, besides English and Hindi languages


Content can be purchased online, as well as on a Tab
 Memory card for the Tab can be upgraded as and when the student graduates
‘Pay per use’ feature on its mobile app allows students to access particular chapters
 There’s also the popular annual packages for all subjects


 Rs 200-Rs 300: For per use chapters
 Rs 1,000: Monthlypackages with all subjects
 Rs 8,000: Annual packages with all subjects


Global Shiksha

"Our ultimate focus this year and ahead is, wherever there is a child, there is Extramarks,” she said.

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