An infringement on individual freedom

An infringement on individual freedom

An infringement on individual freedom
Legislators’ Home has all the facilities of a club

I am writing from Aivernad, a village in Sullia taluk, the constituency of a former chief minister.

During elections, politicians promise many things to people. Hankering for passing the bill for membership in private clubs is not one of them. If candidates in public tell electorates that the first thing they would do, is try and pass a bill to get themselves membership in private clubs in Bengaluru - they are bound to lose poll battle.

 The Legislators’ Home has every facility that any club has - and it is free for politicians. For this taxpayers’ money is used. A room at Rs 100 for single occupation or Rs 300 per month for a flat is all that cost for them at the LH.  They get free phone and free newspapers. In addition, subsidised food, health club and gym, library, dispensary, counter, laundry facilities and private transport costing next to nothing. So what are they lacking ?

 In rural areas still many people do not have toilets and potable water. The situation is worse in Bengaluru and under such circumstances, it is lamentable that private club membership has become the priority for our elected representatives.

Only corrupt will get admission

It is very sad that politicians are trying to intervene in affairs of decent institutions like cultural clubs and private clubs.  The adding of celebrities and eminent people into the government order is only a cover up. Ultimately only corrupt politicians will be getting admission. One glaring example is politicians getting ‘G’ category BDA sites in Bengaluru.

Once politicians start entering there clubs without any fees, next they will make law to supply food and liquor free, or they will forcibly do it. Not only politicians but their assistants to accompany them make the club to take care of them. How many institutions in this country, run by politicians can be named as running well?
Suresh M N

 Mockery of democracy

I read the bill with dismay. It signifies the new low level of local politicians. They are trying to grab unlawfully membership.

 We elect MLAs to provide good governance . This does not give them a licence to get into any organisation they wish to. The clubs in Bengaluru which have been well governed follow their rules to process application seeking membership. Some sports clubs test the members for one year after admission to see if they are really interested in the sport. Ignoring all these, the local MLAs want to get a free ride . This is a complete mockery of democracy.

The elected representatives, instead of focussing their attention on issues such as crumbling infrastructure and power crisis, are wasting time on grabbing club membership.  It is arguable whether such enactments have constitutional validity .

How politicians unite in greed

The present-day legislators are more focussed on their pay, perks and freebies. This is one area where there is unanimity among politicians of all parties. The ruling party leadership has to be blamed for encouraging and supporting this type of bills.

Instead of applying their mind on pressing problems of farmer suicide, power shortage,  price increase etc., this bill has become  more important for them. The bill is an encroachment on privacy of private institutions and should be opposed in court of law. 
M N Subbarao

They should just do their job

I strongly oppose this move as the so-called elected representatives are trying to get privileges out of turn, just because they are in power. Let them focus on doing what they have been elected to do and prove to the people that they are worth getting re-elected.
Eknath Pai Kasturi

An act of destruction

The Karnataka government is once again trying to destroy the last few decent places the citizens have. Destroying well-established organisations that people have built over the years is all that the elected representatives are trying to do.
Nanda Chengappa, Madikeri

A cunning move for free membership

It is appalling the government has come up with this bill, which serves purely the so-called guardians of Kannada culture, at a time when farmers are dying.

The bill is nothing but a cunning move to gain backdoor entry in clubs. Which culture of Kannadigas is at risk if politicians aren’t given free membership of and entries into clubs? No more freebies as the government has given enough freebies in the name of reservations.

Deccan Herald readers are sending their opinions and suggestions in large numbers to the draft Karnataka Entry into Public Places (Removal of Restrictions on Dress and Regulation of Membership and Fee) Bill 2015. The same would be forwarded to the chief minister. Here we present some more reader responses.
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