Legislators brazenly flouting propriety

Legislators brazenly flouting propriety

Legislators brazenly  flouting propriety

Deccan Herald readers are sending their opinions about the draft Karnataka Entry into Public Places (Removal of Restrictions on Dress and Regulation of Membership and Fee) Bill, 2015.

The same would be forwarded to the chief minister. Here we present some more reader responses.

Responses can be mailed to  publicvoice@deccanherald.co.in.

Can we access Vidhana Soudha, please?
Most preposterous of things this government or any government can do is to bring such a law. It amounts to intruding into private organisations to gain access and power.

What lengths these people can go is evident in this rather overt plan to take over private clubs. What next? Access to swimming pools in apartment complexes and villa projects?

Can we also have access to the rooms in Vidhana Soudha to use on weekends, please?
All these talk of protecting Indian culture is humbug. If that is the case, they would not be throwing chairs and mikes and watching porn in the Assembly. A public interest litigation is due.
Ravichandran Ramamurthy

Outrageous suggestions
There is no case for the government to decide how private clubs and associations are run. All these are self-financing institutions and do not dependent on government grants.

It is certainly improper for the government to come out with a legislation to make MPs, MLAs and MLCs members of any of these clubs out of turn or as a special category. What is so special about these people that they should not go through the normal process of becoming members of any of these clubs? If an MLA/MLC/MP is interested in playing golf, or billiards and snooker, do you think he would be denied membership in BGC or KSBA? No.

The government may request the clubs to consider giving the elected representatives of that district where the club is situated  to give honorary memberships co-termionus with their tenure as elected representatives.

The suggestion to jail the members managing the clubs if they violate the government-imposed rules is ridiculous if not laughable.  One hopes good sense will prevail on the government.
K M Srinivasa Gowda, 452, 39A Cross, 9 th Main Road, Jayanagar 5th Block, Bengaluru

Should be challenged in court
If such a law is enacted by any State government, it must be challenged in the court of law. If it is possible these elected representatives would seek directorship on all privately held companies.

As it is, they have been sanctioning themselves rise in salary and literally unlimited perks. They don't hold themselves responsible for all the mess that they have created by hopeless governance and corrupt practices.

Are there any good lawyers who would take up public interest litigations and pin them for doing what they should not do and not doing what they actually must do?
Bhatia L H

Scrap colonial practices
It is a straight fight between snobbish cozy club members vs greedy politicians and bureaucrats. Both are  at fault.

Clubs should not allow back-door entry by politicians/bureaucrats for which they have to be in a queue. Colonial practices should be scrapped immediately for dress code and inheritance rights for their family members.

At the same time, mismanagement and fudging of accounts have to be strictly punished. Excise rules have to be adhered to all the time. If clubs have occupied government premises for commercial purposes and if rules are violated then they should be made to vacate.

Public notices in major newspapers as and when membership vacancies occurs should be published so that transparency could be maintained. Temporary membership should be effectively monitored.
Prasad N C N, 1833, 7th Cross JP Nagar 2nd Phase

Against basic tenets of democracy
This is against the fundamentals of democracy on which our nation’s foundation stands.
 In the name of law, politicians are trying to fleece and get an easy and backdoor entry into any private place. They are uprooting  the very freedom of the  public. If this is not stopped in the beginning, politicians will go to any extent to satisfy their greed. This nonsense should be stopped.
Smitha Shirish

Maintain decorum in Assembly
Politicians should stay out of running of clubs. If they want membership, let them apply and wait like any ordinary citizen. They do not deserve any special privileges. Don’t try to spoil the few things that give us citizens some respite from the mess that is all around us.

Please regulate behaviour and etiquette in the Assembly first, then try to set the clubs right.
Naveen Kini

Hatred game
After spoiling all institutions the so-called public representatives have begun a new game of hate, harassment by using their legislative power for their benefit. This proposed legislation is highly condemnable.

Let politicians have their club
We are totally against giving membership/entry to elected representatives in private clubs. They have been elected to serve the public, let them do that.

If they want a club, let them create one of their own. They should not be given a chance to spoil private entities. Even now we see reports of elected representatives of not vacating their official houses after losing seats and also of not settling their bills. So do not allow them officially invade what is not theirs.

We are not  members of any club, but are against this bill on principle .
 Vivek and Alka Kunte, 249 Sharada Colony, Basaveshwar Nagar

A self-serving act
When we joined the government service, the first thing we were told during our training was that it would be improper and illegal for any authority to pass any order which benefitted itself.

This fundamental canon of propriety in administration is being flouted by our legislators brazenly and shamelessly. How can they grossly misuse their legislative powers in this way? Can they now legislate that all of them have to be invited for any private functions, like marriages? Entry into some temples is restricted by certain dress codes. Will these also be ordered to be removed? This move must be resisted by every concerned citizen.
N K Raghvendran, 45, 3rd Min, Ganganagar Extension, Bengaluru

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