Environmentalist terms Yettinahole project illegal

Environmentalist terms Yettinahole project illegal

Environmentalist Dr N A Madhyastha termed Yettinahole project totally illegal and a project envisioned purely on political agenda.

Delivering a talk on the project, he said, people are misled by politicians. The project  will prove detrimental to the environment in the long run.

“Authorities concerned are silent on many environmental aspects. The works which have already begun is awful with the clear indicating disaster. Project has not procured any environment clearance and the court order has also been ignored,” he added.

Madhyastha, stating that the project is economically not viable and disastrous, the environmentalist lamented that politicians are continuing withthe project despite being aware of the ill effects of the project. 

“Quoting the unsuccessful chain of events that took place in the aftermath of the construction of Nazar dam across Nile river in Egypt, he said the river diversion will end up in evaporation of water increasing the salt contents in the soil. The rain water and the overflow of water that is being stored will make the sea water less productive thereby destroying the protein contents required for the growth of fish,” he explained.

“Quoting another example of Russian Aral Sea, Madhyastha said that the human habitat became impossible as the water-level had drastically reduced. People in Kolar and Kollegal region, who are supposedly the beneficiaries of the project will also suffer, as the project is not viable in the future. The inhabitants should be facilitated in their own habitat. The river diversion will benefit none,” he reiterated.

 He added that the rainfall in the region is erratic and one can expect only a 7.5 tmc of water as against the claims made by the politicians about procuring 24 of tmc water from the project. The project worth Rs 13000 crore investment, is said to be the exploitation of the tributaries of Nethravathi. The water from the tributaries of the river will be used for the project and the reservoir is built near Yettinahole.

He said the excess rain water is needed for the overflow of water, thereby carrying out the  cleansing activity and accusedtthat  hydrologists were not contacted. Besides, the aqua vegetation is harmed as there will be no hydrostatic pressure.

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