Fighting negativity by practising yoga

Fighting negativity by practising yoga

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. But when it to comes to developing attitude, most of us feel that there is not enough “time” to indulge in any exercise, even in our own ancient science of yoga.

Let us delve into this anatomy of negativity towards practising yoga in our daily lives. It is accepted that all the opinions and decisions are thought and taken in the mind. The mind orders the body to carry out tasks that it wants to.

There are some important obstacles which can be dissected as motivation, time, guidance and attitude.

Motivation: Most of us are very complacent about our place and position. Until the devil of health problems taps on our door, we would be comfortably convinced that nothing has happened to us.

We fail to realise that the body metabolism would work continuously to break up the food intake and if this energy is not spent, then it is stored as fat.

The repair mechanism works tirelessly till breakdown. The body metabolism while watching TV in a sleeping position, is lower than while we sleep. When the entire body rests, more than necessary fat accumulates.

Good and better health are not prime concerns at the right age. Increased metabolism during middle age is necessary for the brain to be active in old age. We even fail to realise that proper exercise would decrease our dependency on our children at a later age. No procedure or talk can instill motivation.

Yoga or any exercise needs self-motivation and cannot be forced. Forcing the body to do yoga can be harmful. Loving ourselves, our own body and our routine concern towards our own health is a result of self-motivation. Getting motivated to practise it is the first important step.

The time factor
We know that achievers who have excelled in their own spheres do have the same 24 hours a day. But these achievers would need much more rest than others.

The main difference is that they breathe, eat and sleep their ideas. They try to find time for their passions and never feel that 24 hours is not enough.

How do we find time to practise yoga? A recently published study on the latest trends shows that handheld electronic gadgets are eating away our useful time, because we spend so much of it on games, social media and gossip, or on “celebrities” instigated by the paparazzi. They also cause a lot of strain on the eyes, which in turn requires more relaxation.

By devoting some time to develop yogic practices, we can initiate the body to produce the necessary chemicals and hormones to eliminate our dependence on external chemicals for a healthy body.

Guidance: Yoga blends the mind as well as the body, including tissues, organs and the glands, which have to be toned and massaged in order to work efficiently.

The most important part of the daily routine is proper breathing while entering an asana. Proper guidance calls for an experienced teacher who can study every person carefully to give proper advice.

Improper guidance usually causes harm and can be a terrible demotivation for any student, just as superficial teaching and rigorous, unscientific practice can be very detrimental.

Attitude: Yoga helps us to develop a positive attitude towards everything we come across in our life. A positive attitude is very necessary to succeed in life. Success in our own sphere without comparison is necessary for a person to be happy. A right attitude will eliminate mental cobwebs and yoga has numerous asanas to help a person develop this positive attitude.

The various names of asanas signify deeper sense of philosophy behind them, for example, veerabhadrasana will help the person to be more courageous.

Vrukshasana helps the person to withstand the pressures of nature. Trikonasana signifies stability in life since the triangle is the very stable structure as seen in pyramids. Mudras direct and redirect positive cosmic energy. Any asana practised earnestly and seen in the right perspective has multiple benefits on the mind and the body.

Out of all the forms of science to keep a person healthy, yoga is time-tested and has been proven to help the overall development for a healthy soul. Yoga takes us closer to nature.

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