Of winged eyes and bright lips

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Of winged eyes and bright lips

Makeup has come a long way since the time when women used chalk to whiten their faces and crushed beetles to colour their lips. Today, it’s the age of winged eyes, contoured faces and dramatic shades of lipsticks. Here’s a dekko on what’s trending in the cosmetic world and how you can achieve the latest looks  effortlessly.

One of the biggest trends in makeup right now is the no-makeup look or the nude look, which means the makeup looks so natural that it is not visible at all! The face here has a sheer and natural texture and the colours used are natural, with a subtle use of foundation and bases. Many people prefer the no-makeup look when the weather is warm and humid, or when they need to underplay their makeup. For this look, all you need are tinted moisturiser, light-textured foundation, light loose powder, natural colours in lipstick like beige, pink, peach, browns, eye pencil, mascara, eye liner, powder eye shadows and natural-toned blushers.

The right shadeMost of us go wrong when it comes to choosing the right foundation. One useful tip is to choose a shade that is closest to the natural colour of your skin. Remember it’s the texture not the shade that gives the skin the natural look. Heavy foundations tend to leave a mask-like effect. So, go for a light-textured foundation with a matte (non-shiny) finish. A light loose powder can be used over the foundation. If the skin is very pale, slightly pinkish shades may be used. For olive complexions, a more beige tone would be suitable.

If possible, ditch the foundation during the daytime; instead apply moisturiser and then some translucent powder. Restrict foundation for casual nights only. For dark skin, go for liquid foundation and aim for a lighter coverage. Ensure that you pay special attention to blending.

For a natural appeal, use less eye makeup during the day — leave out the eyeliner and limit the mascara to only a few strokes. This helps to darken the eyes without any major effort. For the night, eye makeup can be heavier and you can line your eyelids with either an eyeliner or a pencil. Even lining eyes with shadow gives a softer effect. If you use eyeliner, remember to smudge the line with a sponge applicator. Coloured eye shadow also seems to be making a comeback and the most popular colour is blue. In fact, shades of blue like turquoise will continue to be the talk of the town in the near future.

Another trend in eye makeup these days is the winged eye, which I feel suits Indian traditional features and attires perfectly. It also helps create the effect of larger eyes. To achieve this winged-eyed look, first apply a light shadow over the eyelid and a dark one in the crease of the eyes. Apply a thick line of black eyeliner close to the lashes on the upper lid. A helpful tip — smudge the liner and then apply it again. Extend the liner outwards and slightly upwards, beyond the outer corner of the eyes. Use plenty of mascara.

In fact, black shadow on the outer corners of the eyes can also help to achieve the same look. If you join it with the crease line, it is easier to create the winged-eye look. For the lower lid, apply liner as close to the lower lashes as possible, but start from the middle of the lower eyelid and take the line towards the outer eyes. Apply lots of mascara.

If you aren’t a fan of winged eyes, you can always go in for smoky eyes, a trend that continues to fascinate all celebrities and common women alike. For smoky eyes, line the eyes with eyeliner first. Then smudge it with a sponge-tipped applicator, so that it isn’t too harsh. You can also apply dark eye shadow over the eyeliner for a smudged effect.

When it comes to lips, avoid the lip-lined look. Apply lipstick with a brush instead to make it look more natural. Go for natural shades like light pinks, rose and beige. Red lips are very much in vogue today and of late, even shades of orange like tangerine or amber are a hit. When you choose red for daytime outings, ensure that it isn’t too intense. However for the night, one can wear brighter and bolder colours, especially in winter. Always keep the shape of the lips in mind. If the lips are too thin, avoid very dark red colours. Go for shades of red that are not so intense.

(The author is a beauty expert)

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