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With the sound of music

Music festivals are growing by leaps and bounds in the country. The City, being a hub of music, too is not far behind in this regard. A host to some of the most popular concerts like ‘RESET’, ‘Sunburn Arena’, ‘NH7 Weekender’ and ‘Supersonic’, Bengaluru sees some of the best names from across the country and the world taking the stage every year. And at all these festivals, the infrastructure plays a very important role.

   Be it the visuals or the sound and lighting, if the logistics fail to match up, these shows can be a disappointment regardless how talented the artiste under the spotlight is.

   With a packed music season ahead, DJs and music-lovers express their views on how essential it is for a music festival to offer a wholesome experience in terms of not just music but also technology and infrastructure.

For Martin D’Souza, a City-based disc and karaoke jockey, better technology means better output. “The artistes, venues and organisers have to work in sync. The people who are coming for the shows are spending money after all. So if the set-up is not good enough, your performance won’t live up to their expectations. And unfortunately, not all the places offer a very good set-up. But then these are the challenges that you face as an artiste and in the end, there is no substitute for hard work,” he says.

Concert-goers too feel that technology can make or break a show. Siddharth Chittur, a professional who attends many EDM shows, says, “If the technology fails, it can not only be embarrassing for the organisers but even the artiste.” 

He recalls a popular City-based show which had a snag. “As the artiste was playing, the main speaker went off! The poor DJ had to keep the crowd under control for quite sometime and it was a tough situation for the organisers as well,” he recalls.

The scale of the concert affects the logistics, feels Madhav aka Kohra, a Delhi-based artiste who has played around the world and at festivals like ‘Sunburn’, ‘NH7 Weekender’, ‘Supersonic’, ‘RESET’ and ‘Magnetic Fields’. “Earlier, the concerts used to be smaller and more intimate. But nowadays, you can’t have that kind of a personal experience with the DJ anymore. So in such a case, it’s very important that a show has great visuals and technology.

Festivals like ‘Supersonic’ have a humongous stage with installations that are motor-powered, pyrotechnics and wonderful visuals. The bar has definitely been raised,” he informs. DJ Nash, who organises the ‘Get Loud Festival’ and has played at ‘Storm Festival’ and ‘Beachland’, says the scene is completely digital nowadays. “A DJ can only be as good as the set-up. And sadly, if the set-up is not good, people end up putting the blame on the DJ. As a festival organiser, I focus on sound and light as much as talent for I want the audience to get the best experience,” he says.

Agrees Rafiushan Pasha from Plugg Networks, that focusses on hosting the best nightlife events, “It all boils down to the experience. Though the DJs add a lot to it, even the location, production and programming can make or break a show.” He feels that Bengaluru has a great scene. “But India on the whole has to match up to the global
standards of technology, where the scene has always been great.” 

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