As close to nature as it can get

As close to nature  as it can get
Designer Tara Aslam celebrates khadi in every sense of the term. She always had a fascination for the fabric because of the quality and history behind it. Her label ‘Nature Alley’ has all kinds of garment in the fabric and believes in using only natural dyes. “Even for colouring, I use dried pomegranate skin. Unless there is no other option, people must stop using artificial colouring in khadi,” she says.

It is only when Tara started working with the fabric did she understand that Karnataka contributes substantially to the country’s khadi production. She believes in working towards keeping the spirit of khadi alive, in her own way, and she elaborates, “Consistent efforts to promote and popularise the fabric will indirectly help improve the life of  weavers who have dedicated themselves to working on it.”

She points out that a lot of people believe that khadi comes cheap. “It’s a misconception that khadi comes cheap. It is expensive and that’s precisely why we don’t have a lot of people who don’t dedicate their time to it,” adds Tara. Her designs have a global finish to them. Her range of designs include jumpsuits, crop-tops, slim and cigarette pants and lounge and Turkish pants. Her collection of tops include pleated, frilly and asymmetrical designs. She also stocks dresses. “The collection of dresses are designed in such a way that they can be worn as they are. One could even team them up with cigarette pants. We also have layered garments.”

Tara, who promotes khadi by wearing it herself, says that the garment is easy to work with because of its depth. “I don’t just design for the market, I make clothes that people can wear. There’s a lot of practicality that goes into my work.”

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