'Horror films are now aesthetically shot '

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'Horror films are now aesthetically shot '

Model-turned-actor Sonam Mukherjee had dabbled with modelling before taking a plunge into the big screen. She feels all aspiring actresses should face the camera confidently since modelling had done her a lot of good in terms of boosting her self-confidence.

“I began modelling in 2010 and my first audition was for the ‘Miss India-Universe’ title and surprisingly, I reached the finals. That really boosted my confidence and gave me the chance to take a shot at acting,” says Sonam.  In a chat with ‘Metrolife’, Sonam gets candid about her life, modelling and entry into the film industry.

How was your entry into the film industry?

It is interesting because I had no clue how the industry worked and I had nobody to encourage me. I began my career in Hindi films with ‘Question Mark’ in 2012. It was a horror film and I liked the script because the narration and scripting was done in a different way.

It wasn’t the usual horror film with gory images and bloodshed. My role was well-structured and a well-carved out one. Looking back, the film was innovatively shot.  

Has the portrayal of evil in films evolved in the Indian film industry?

Yes, I think we have gone beyond a woman running around in a white sari, and bloodshed. It has evolved for the better. Horror films are now aesthetically and intelligently shot.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Before I shot for ‘Question Mark’, I did believe in ghosts and I think as children most of us believe ghosts really exist but my notions of ghosts changed after I worked on the film.

Does language matter when you choose a project?

No, language is no barrier. I am currently working on a Telugu project, where I play a college-goer who marries the man she loves.

The movie traces how the couple faces financial crisis and how they deal with problems that confront them after their marriage. There’s a lot of realism in the film and I feel films must portray a slice of reality. They must go beyond mere entertainment.

How did you bag the Kannada project?

I got a call after the producer spotted my profile online. The film is titled ‘Chitrakatha’. It is a complicated character where I play a married woman who is forced to fall in love with another man by her own husband. I didn’t think that I would be able to pull off such a role but I took it as a challenge and I am really happy with the outcome.
Acting is not all that glamourous...

People think acting is a cakewalk but trust me, it’s a lot of hard work right from looking good to essaying the role to perfection.

Do you give up easily?

No, I am a fighter and I don’t give up that easily. I think I got my determination and courage from my parents.

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