Senior citizens pip youngsters to find jobs as waiters and bookkeepers

Sixty is usually perceived to be “over the hill”-- the age to retire from careers. But many senior citizens in the City, with an undying enthusiasm, have set out to buck the trend and start afresh after retirement. What’s more, employers are also willing to hire them as they find that youngsters do not match the commitment that seniors bring to their jobs.

Mahender U S, founder member of Hatti Kaapi, puts it thus: “It is a challenge to find the right manpower. The dedication that seniors exude is amazing. If you tell them to be at work at 8 am, they usually turn up before time. They do not give excuses for coming late or leaving early.”

Changed circumstances

Moreover, the changed life circumstances of retired employees also goad them to remain financially independent for as long as they can work.

Many senior citizens deserted by their families are forced to find a means of livelihood. In  other cases, the children would have settled abroad or in other cities, leaving their old parents lonely and eager to engage themselves productively.

Many senior citizens told Deccan Herald that medical expenses were one of the primary concerns which made them take up jobs after retirement.

Muddanna G, a resident of Padmanabhanagar said, “I am diabetic and do not want to depend on my family for medicines. While one of my sons is earning, another is still studying. I want to provide the best I can,” added Muddanna, a retired marketing admin manager.Prakash H C, a retired BSNL employee added, “We often meet in parks and chat endlessly. I do not want to idle. I think working will help me stay fit.”

Job fair

Around 1,000 senior citizens took part in “Jobs 60+”, a job fair for senior citizens organised by city-based Nightingales Medical Trust on Saturday.

More than 25 companies participated, offering employment opportunities.
From serving coffee in cafes to admin jobs and accountancy, there were about 200 jobs on offer.

Senior citizens could also log on to and register themselves for more opportunities, according to the organisers.

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