'Motherhood is inspiring'


After marriage, a lot of equations change and it is even more visible after motherhood. But actor Tara Sharma feels that it has in fact given her an opportunity to make the entrepreneur in herself stand out and become a mumpreneur – a new trendy term for mothers who are balancing motherhood and entrepreneurial ventures. Currently seen creating, writing, co-producing and hosting the TV show- The Tara Sharma Show on parenting and maternal child care, the actor feels indebted to motherhood.  

“Motherhood is the best thing for me. I was inspired to become a mumpreneur and do my own thing. Because after our children were born, I started my multi-platform show in the parenting space. I think it has also helped me to re-invent myself and make a new career. Today, our YouTube channel is at almost 8 lakh views and the show is on Star World channel with lots of guests from all over the world. So, it is very exciting,” says the mother of two boys.

While she started her acting career with Hindi film Om Jai Jagadish, she went on to appear in critically acclaimed films like Page 3 and Khosla Ka Ghosla. She mentions, “In terms of films, I would love to do them depending on what comes my way. But, I am not somebody sitting and waiting for the phone to ring. I am rather content with what I make and do.”

Making the move from acting to entrepreneurship, she recollects that it was her father’s advice that came handy. “My father (Partap Sharma) who was a playwriter and author, shortly before he passed away said that you should never stagnate and should never wait for the phone to ring for an assignment. Create your own content and re-invent yourself and be the product. I am really grateful for the advice because that is how, it all happened,” Sharma tells Metrolife on the sidelines of the preview of Pampers
Premium Care Pants held recently in the city.

Talking about her experiences with the different seasons of the show, she says, “In every episode, whether I had  a celebrity or non-celebrity, it has been extremely fruitful. Each of them have shown and taught me something and I cherish memories with each of them. Like actor Kajol (Devgn) sharing that she is an extremely hands-on mother
or actor Konkona (Sen Sharma) sharing that motherhood has not changed her but has highlighted certain aspects of hers like never before were wonderful thoughts that I came to know. I would love to have all of them back and many more.”

She mentions that a multi-tasking mother is the demand of the times. “In today’s day and age, no one has to be defined by just one role. Most mothers play different roles which is a full-time job,” she says.

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