Lights, camera, fashion!

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Lights, camera, fashion!

It is said that films come and go and so do the trends, but there are some classic trends that have been in Bollywood since ages and still continue to rule the silver screen. Films released, trends came in and faded away with time. But there are certain filmy styles that remained etched in our minds forever.

No matter how old they may be, no matter how many times we see them on screen, but whenever they come up, you can’t help but fall in love with them all over again! From the cat eyes to vintage hairdos, from the ‘Mumtaz sari drapes’ to the ‘polka-dot knotted Dimple Kapadia tops’, Bollywood has given us many memorable apparel moments. If the romantic 80s gave us flamboyant flying chiffons, the emergence of movie designers in the 90s gave a new meaning to costuming.

Cinema has grown with fashion and today, these two industries are inseparable. With every release, fashion and cinema try to create history together. Some become trends, some fads, some fail, but some stay on forever. Here are some notable ones:

Black and white magicThe golden era of Raj Kapoor films is nothing but a dream. The delicate saris teamed up with crop tops and styled in pure vintage looks is a trend for all seasons. A trend that transformed Nargis, a girl-next-door to a damsel in love! This era saw a major international influence teamed up with Indian sensibilities in terms of styling. Band collar blouses with saris and skirts, styled with belts and boots is definitely something we all relate the Raj Kapoor movies with.

Larger-than-life silhouettes

Everytime anyone says Madhubala, we immediately think of opulence and grandeur. The majestic Mughal-E-Azam and splendid Pakeezah leave you mesmerised even today. The anarkalis then and the anarkalis now, are no different. The lehengas and dupattas from that era are still the most desirable pieces of art. The outfits with more than 100 kalis, with each kali being worked upon with extreme attention to detail, were royal in every sense. The intricate zardozis and workmanship we witnessed here is magnificent. This era’s rich Indian surface techniques and larger-than-life silhouettes are definitely a must in your classic closet!

Romantic drapes

Bollywood and its chiffon saris are synonymous with the 90s. Since the time the celluloid saw the heroines romancing in sheer colour-blocked saris, the world doesn’t seem to get enough of it. In fact, they became a rage, a compulsory trend in the movies and also became a signature trend of all the ladies. Even today, Bollywood heroines are identified with this trend. Experimental colours with contemporary blouse silhouettes added to the prettiest trends of Bollywood. The flamboyance of these chiffons are a classic trend and will keep mesmerising everyone in the years to come.

Serene white

The man behind Bollywood legendary romances, Yash Chopra, loved his heroines in white. He brought the serene colour to life on the celluloid in the most befitting manner and made it a classic trend. Even today, every Bollywood song is considered to be incomplete without a white outfit. Yes, times have changed, fashion worlds have transformed, but the love for whites always stayed on. Be it Kajol’s white mini skirt in DDLJ or Sridevi’s white Chandni ensemble, this soothing hue has always given us something to remember.

Passion of red

No matter how cliched it gets, but a bride in red is a cinematic experience in itself. A classic red outfit is a trend to stay on for ages on screen. We have seen heroines getting wet in rain wearing hues of red and also seen them performing the grandest songs on screen wearing this colour. Remember Kareena Kapoor in a modern red sari in Chammak Challo?

And the list goes on, with almost 800 movies getting released every year, each trying to be better and far more stylish than the other, the industry is bound to get overloaded with trends. Yet some make a cut, some don’t. The trends which get registered in our hearts become timeless and keep recurring in every era. It’s time you took some inspiration from the classic movies and set your own trends.  

(The author is creative director, Diva’ni)

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