'Producing isn't the same as acting'

With the release of Bollywood film ‘Shaandaar’, fans are quite disappointed. Though it has its own glamour quotient added to it with thumping music and a scenic backdrop, the viewers and critics have not been so impressed. But actor Sanjay Kapoor, who played an important role in the movie, feels proud to have been a part of the script. He chats with ‘Metrolife’ about his character and his life as a producer.

What’s your reaction to the movie not doing so well?
I wasn’t sure about playing a character like this since I’ve never played a humourous and colourful character before. But I’m glad it paid off and people have appreciated my performance.
Tell us a bit about your character Harry Fundwani from ‘Shaandaar’.
Harry Fundwani is getting ready to go for his brother’s wedding – a destination wedding. He believes that he needs to show off his richness by decking himself up in gold, and that includes everything from his limousine to his bracelet. He’s also a loud businessman who believes his English is really good but it’s not.
What were some of the challenges you faced while playing this character?
It was the first time, I played a Sindhi character. It wasn’t easy as I wasn’t used to their dialect. It took me sometime to get the hang of it, but somehow I managed it. However, I had a lot of fun playing the character.
It has been a while since you last appeared on screen. How have you been spending your time during the break?
I wouldn’t say that I was on a break – I was busy producing ‘Tevar’. Producing is not the same as acting because it has a lot of background work which takes a long time. I was busy with ‘Tevar’ for almost two years. Meanwhile, I was offered a few roles but none that I wanted to commit to. On the last day of ‘Tevar’, Vikas Bahl approached me with ‘Shaandaar’ and I knew this was what I was waiting for. I’m humbled to have worked with a great director like him.
If given a choice between acting and producing, what would you choose?
I wouldn’t say I like producing more but it’s in my blood. My dad was a producer before I was even born. And I love being an actor, it gives me a creative high. I’d have to say that I enjoy both of them equally.
What has been your best time in Bollywood?
This stage of mine is very interesting. I’ve done some great movies with some fantastic actors and directors that I’ve been highly appreciated for. The best part is to know that people are casting me as an actor and not as a star.
What’s your impression of the newcomers in the industry?
The positive thing about them is that they choose to do one movie at a time. Though they may have multiple releases in a year, you won’t find them signing many movies at a time. The quality of acting has also improved. Today, you can randomly pick an actor and realise that they’ve given an above average performance in their very first film, which is absolutely great!
Do you have any more projects lined up?
I was waiting for ‘Shaandaar’ to release so that directors would have a better idea of my character-oriented performance. I haven’t signed anything new yet and am looking for the right script.
(As told to Anila Kurian)

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