Sparkling cuts for the season

Sparkling cuts for the season

Vibrant colours, smart cuts and elegant designs are what most women look for in an outfit. Balancing these elements in unique and customised outfits for the women of today, is the festive collection from Sparkles Fashion Studio. From ethnic suits, saris, ‘lehengas’ to party wear, the brand has something for every woman.

A personal touch

The brand is proud of the fact that provides innovative and customised designs as per the customers’ taste.

    Creating designs that are effortless, timeless and ooze elegance and grace, the latest collection comes in bright shades and has the most unique cuts.

Shweta Jaisal, a senior designer with the brand, says, “Each and every outfit is chic and of utmost quality. This collection has taken inspiration from ‘ocean waves’, where the silhouette and cowls of the garments show the tide, while colours like beige, emerald green, red and orangish red, depict the freshness of the ocean.”

    Asymmetrical embroidery depicts the smooth blend of the waves touching the shore, says Siddhi Mehta, who co-designed the latest collection.

“We design garments for every occasion using hand and machine embroidery like ‘zardosi’, ‘aari’, ‘kantha’, ‘chikankari’, ‘silk embroidery’ and 3D,” adds Siddhi.
She says that the brand also creates prints and does printing on fabrics.

    “The brand’s USP is that it provides a professional fashion designer who can guide the client according to her requisites, especially in terms the embroidery available in various colour combinations.”

 The garments are made of fabrics like raw silk, pure silk, cotton, satin, crape, lycra, net, georgette and chiffon. The fashion boutique, unlike any other, aims to give stylish, great and affordable clothing. “We would like to offer customers with many options and choices to solve their fashion problems,” concludes Siddhi.

Anshika, a student, wore a green net skirt with brocade, raw silk border and gold and fuchsia kota matka neck blouse with gold net brocade finished dupatta.
Punchline: “The look is perfect for an ethnic party or even for the upcoming festivals. The way the outfit falls is impressive.”
Price: Net skirt with gold and fuchsia neck blouse and gold net brocade finished dupatta  (Rs 7,750)

Neha, a student, wore a red front short jacket style ‘anarkali’ with a sequin embroidered opening and teamed it with a net velvet finished ‘dupatta’.
Punchline: “The bright red colour accentuates the garment and makes it proper for any occasion.”
Price: Short jacket style ‘anarkali’ and net velvet
finished ‘dupatta’(Rs 12,040)

Ankusha, a student, wore an emerald green zari
embroidered Chinese collar silk suit with a back button opening and velvet finish crushed tissue ‘dupatta’.
Punchline: “The bright colour and classic design make the costume perfect for any occasion.”
Price: Emerald green zari silk suit with crushed tissue
‘dupatta’ (Rs 5,747)

Simran Sharma, a student, wore a fuchsia cowl suit with a turquoise embroidered Chinese collar with semi-raw silk pants.
Punchline: “The suit has a unique design, which is flattering and also very trendy. I like the way the outfit flows.”
Price: Fuchsia cowl
suit with semi raw silk pants (Rs 4,142)

Jinal, a student, sported a red side short centre long ‘anarkali’ with zari and a
silk embroidered Chinese collar and purple kundan work brocade yoke with a net brocade finished
Punchline: “I love how two different colours are mixed to make this outfit. The work on the outfit is amazing.”
Price: Long ‘anarkali’ and a net dupatta (Rs 7,986)

Supriya, a student, wore a beige net skirt with zari and silk embroidered belt with a red raw silk heavy embroidered blouse and a chandiler lace finished gold net ‘dupatta’.
Punchline: “The outfit is a perfect mix of colours and looks great for a wedding celebration or a festive night out.”
Price: Beige net skirt with silk embroidered blouse and gold net ‘dupatta’
(Rs 12,288)

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