Nitish challenges Modi for debate on development

Nitish challenges Modi for debate on development

It’s 6 pm. Nitish Kumar has just returned after winding up his poll campaign. He appears to be a bit tired after several rounds of electioneering. But he insists he is more tired of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attempt to spread falsehood.

Talking to Abhay Kumar of Deccan Herald, Nitish says, “I challenge Modi for an open debate on the issue of development at a place and time of his choice.”But he also requests Modi not to lower the dignity of the prime minister by using amariyadit bhasha (uncharitable language). Excerpts:

Today, the prime minister used ‘Ahankari’ (arrogant) term for you on several occasions…and ‘virus’ for Lalu Prasad

Apne pad ki garima ka bhi dhyan nahin hai unhe (He appears to be not bothered about the post he holds) and makes uncharitable remarks every now and then.

But today, he also said that you all are ‘conspiring’ to give reservation on religion basis and slash quota for SCs/STs

Sab jhoot hai (It’s a complete lie). It’s unbecoming of a PM to make such baseless allegation. We never thought of going beyond the provisions of the Constitution, including reservation, which can be given only on socio and educational backwardness. But Modi is spreading falsehood as this is his last-ditch effort to polarise votes.

Modi also mocked at you for the corrupt minister caught on camera accepting money

If a minister was caught so, he was not only shown the door, his candidature was also cancelled and a new candidate announced. But what he did to his MP (read: Giriraj Singh) from whose house Rs 2 crore cash was recovered? He was elevated as a Union minister and the case covered up saying bhai aur bhaujai ka paisa tha.. (it was cousin and his wife’s money).

The PM has mocked at you for resorting to tantra-mantra and meeting tantrik

The video about which you are referring to, is of June 2014. I admit that I went to my spokesperson Neeraj Kumar’s place where I met this Baba (seer), and not a tantrik. Is meeting any Baba only copyright of BJP leaders? I have worked with these BJP leaders for 17 years and know their ins and outs. Who wears what, who leaves on auspicious period… what they eat and what they drink...but it’s not in my nature to speak on personal issues. I am not double-faced like BJP leaders who will say, “Mandir wahin banayenge, lekin tariqh nahin batayenge…(We will construct Ram temple, but won’t tell you when).”

Of late, the issues in election have deviated from growth and development to beef and reservation

Who raised this issue first? It was raked up by Amit Shah, who said the BJP has given India its first OBC PM. (Although the claim was wrong, as it was Deve Gowda). But prior to this, did anyone ever discuss the caste of PM and President? But suddenly, we are hearing the PM’s profile has changed. Now he claims to be an EBC PM, not OBC. Is there any EBC category in Gujarat?

He says there has been no development under your regime

This is just another blatant lie. I challenge PM to have a serious debate on the issue of development …anytime, anywhere. Let him fix the date and timing.

He says you have not been able to spend the sanctioned amount this fiscal

Another lie. In fact, it was the Modi government which slashed funds under MNREGA, Indira Awas Yojna, ICDS, NRHM and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

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