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Gurgaon Sector 29 is a hub of eateries. From independent restaurants to outlets of some popular food chains and cafes, the place has it all. Adding to this list is the recently launched restaurant Sublym. One can easily figure out its presence in the crowded market as the it occupies 5,000 square feet of dining space, which only a few restaurants manage to get. The restaurant also has an arrangement to sit and dine in the open sky, one of a kind in the space.

The moment one enters the restaurant on the first floor, the calm and quite ambience completely cuts you off from the busy roads. Use of minimal colours (only grey and white) and one watt LEDs to light the place gives the restaurant a sterling look and a soothing feel to its visitors. Even the furniture and the accessories are made up of stainless steel that further adds to its elegance. Also, there are shutters beside the tables which come down on the click of a button to make a chamber for those who want to spent time dining with their family and loved ones. Technology at its bestMoving to the second floor, there is a total contrast in the ambience. Live DJs create a loud setting and a casual

Coming to food, the menu offers oriental and Indian cuisines. There are no fancy names in the menu to confuse the visitors. Metrolife explored the pan-Asian flavours, over a dinner. From the option of both cold and hot appetiser, we ordered the Thai Puchka and ‘Chicken Preserved Chilli Dumplings’ respectively. Our server suggested us to try the creamy clincher from the mocktails and we did so (the restaurant recently got its bar license, so now you have an option to choose from the list of cocktails and other alcoholic items). It was not more than five minutes and the mocktail was there at our table. Garnished with a small papaya slice, one gets a hint that it is a main ingredient of the drink. A sip of it leaves a strong flavour of papaya in your mouth mixed with fresh cream. Meanwhile, the appetisers were served.

The Thai Puchka’ is a clever take on the traditional dish from Kolkata, filled of dry fruits and the flavourful paani made of jaggery and tamarind, served in shot glasses. The four big-sized dumplings served with home-made dips had a little smoky taste of chicken and chillies and were quite filling. We moved ahead to the main course and ordered Diced Chicken with Bamboo Shoot and Celery along with vegetable Tri Bell Pepper Smoked Noodle (you can also go for chicken or shrimp). It was a surprise for our taste buds when we tried the first dish and found the blunt taste of bamboo shoots replaced by rich spicy flavours. We happily gave a nod of approval to it. The noodles, on the other hand were like any other ordinary hakka’noddles with a smoky taste.

To finish our dinner, we looked for deserts on the menu. You might not find many options but those which are there are mostly your tried and ‘tasted’ one like gulab jamun, ras malai, brownie and pudding, to name a few. We ordered Carrot Cake with Cinnamon Streusel. Hot cake served with vanilla ice cream, ended up the satisfactory dining experience at Sublym.

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