Learning Geography better

Learning Geography better

The traditional methods of teaching and learning were generally laborious, boring and with dry descriptions. This is particularly true of learning geography, where there is no visual presentation of what the students learn.

This can often lead to boredom. S Vishwanath, retired Joint Director of the PU Board has come out with a novel way of making geography interesting, particularly for the students of classes VIII, IX and X. He has come out with audio-visual learning DVDs for world geography to meet the requirements of the syllabus prescribed by the Karnataka State Secondary Education Board.

Students are able to observe the geographical features enabling them to acquire better knowledge and understanding of the subject. Further, this will enhance the efficiency of learning and result in teachers becoming more effective in their jobs.

The audio-visual films present to the learners as per the syllabus prescribed for the students of geography. The presentation begins from the basic knowledge of geographical situation, land extent, terrain phenomena, climate conditions, water bodies, farming, mining of minerals, manufacturing, tourism, trade and population distributions. The socio-economic activities are revealed to a great extent.

The modern infrastructural networks also appear in the audio-visual and become more attractive to observe and understand the achievements caused in various parts of the continents of North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica. From the simple to complex, extraordinarily presented features illuminate the knowledge of geography from west to east and south to north, covering their horizontal and vertical extention of geographical realities. There is an excellent coverage of nature, culture, civilisation and multiple activities of people with their traditional and modern living conditions.

In both the teachers and pupils, a spirit of will to understand is being instilled with the help of audio-visual film screening. Further, it keeps it memorable for them. This is a significant achievement. Even though details are restricted to the learners of Higher Secondary School Education, they can influence the general public.

It is also useful for those candidates appearing for competitive examinations such as IAS, IPS, KPS, KAS, banking, railways recruitment and many others seeking jobs. In recent years, examinations and tests  conducted by various government and private corporations and agencies have adopted the method of objective type of questions. These questions also include geographic aspects. Candidates who are good in general geography knowledge easily pass these examinations and tests.

The aim of education stands on humanism, tolerance, reason adventure, ideas and the search for truth. In the modern world, we are expected to seek and cultivate the knowledge for the preparation of people for the promotion of good living and shoulder responsibilities. People have to become conscious of their nation’s physical setting and availabilities of resources. The study of geography throws light on this and makes people act with awareness. In fact, the major objective of education exemplified by the Indian Education Commission lies on the creation of centres of excellence.

The Government of Karnataka, particularly administrators, policy and plan makers in the  field of education should keep on open mind to introduce audio-visual use and promote to enrich the knowledge of teachers and enable the young minds questing for knowledge and further illuminate their path to gain development and prosperity in life.

The innovative academic method, approach organisation of contents, objective and usefulness extensively used in  DVD keep the teachers, pupils and public with enjoyable feelings for a long period of time and as if they have personally visited the continents.

The panoramic beauty of the landscapes with human habitats establish strong and indelible imprints on the minds of spectators. The academic world opens its arms to embrace and taste the knowledge presented by the author of the DVD.

From the beginning to the end, the programme increases the value of its utility in the newly designed structure of the academic world. The DVD has proved its significance and role in the sphere of modernisation of higher education. Schools and institutions interested in the Geography DVD may contact S Vishwanath on 9945799886.

(The author is a retired professor of Geography from the University of Mysore)

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