A ride with the radio star

My perfect weekend

A ride with the radio star

My mom always advises me to do something different from what I usually do on the weekends. I try my best to keep that up. There’s always something new to add to and cross off my bucket list.

It starts with me waking up a little later than usual, having a heavier breakfast and then going about the rest of my day according to the plan. Yes, I make a plan — a schedule that I’d like to follow! Luckily, I have my Saturdays and Sundays off to enjoy the weekend, giving me enough time to do whatever I want. Last weekend, I went to an art exhibition even though I’m not really an art enthusiast. I love going on long walks so I decided to take a long stroll through Cubbon Park as well. It was just the kind of relaxation I needed.

Part of this schedule is to meet my friends, which has become a tradition over the years. Since all of us are foodies, we love trying out new restaurants in the City. By this, I mean we like to browse through the various food delivery portals and choose a restaurant from there.
One person in the group decides which restaurant to eat from and we all spend some time going through the menu before we finally order. And we don’t repeat restaurants since we want to cross one more place off our bucket list! But there are times when we do go out to explore places, like last week, when we had Andhra meals at Nagarjuna. However, we were back home to order dinner at night!

Whenever I jot down my weekly plan, it’s a one-person plan. But even after years of this practice, when I am about to leave for an activity, someone calls me and decides to join in on the plan as well.

Till today, I have never been able to do anything on my own. I don’t think the universe wants me to be alone — whether it’s going to a movie or for a walk, being alone is just out of the question — but I’m optimistic so hopefully one day it’ll be just me!

Catching up on television series is very important to me. All my favourite shows, like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The Mindy Project’, ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘How To Get Away With Murder’, are
given specific time slots in my calendar so that I don’t feel left out when others talk about what happened on the show that week. But sadly, I’ve been going off my schedule for the past few weeks so I have about three weeks of episodes to watch!

It’s hard to separate work from my personal life as there are interesting incidents I come across and I use these on my show. So, during all my adventurous expeditions, I keep look out for anything interesting that I can use at work.

While my mom has suggested that I do something interesting every week, there are times when I don’t want to do certain things. There was a time when my male friends decided to have a day filled with sports and I was hesitant to join them since I didn’t want to get tanned in the sun or get myself dirty in the process. 

But my friends, being who they are, forced me to join them and to my surprise, I ended up having a lot of fun at go-karting! After that incident, play arenas have become one of my favourite weekend spots because that’s where adults can also be children and no one will judge us!

I usually start planning my weekends by Thursday. Saturdays are usually an extension to Sunday. There are also times when I don’t get to finish everything I’d scheduled, so it gets pushed for the week after.

But I know that I’m working this Saturday, so it’s just Sunday that I have to plan for. I hope to do fun, adventurous things this week as well!”

A few of my favourite thingsn  Chic literature
*Chilli paneer
*R&B and hip-hop music
*Romantic comedy

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