Haryana sacks magazine editor over 'beef'

Haryana sacks  magazine editor  over 'beef'

Exhibiting, perhaps, a sense of complete intolerance, the Haryana government on Thursday axed the editor of one of its state sponsored magazines just because of a report published in its September edition talked about 'beef as one of the best sources to enhance iron absorption in the body'.

The magazine is circulated essentially in over 14,000 government schools in Haryana. Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma is a patron of the magazine while chief minister Khattar is its chief patron.

Haryana was among the first states in the country to ban beef consumption. Cow slaughter is also a severely punishable offence and provides for punishment up to 10-years. The law was passed by the incumbent regime this year.

Both Khattar and Sharma are strong RSS ideologues. The minister said the report published in the magazine's September edition of “Shiksha Sarathi” was an article written by a scientist. The online edition of the magazine has been taken off the website on the education department.

A chapter in the magazine headlined “Iron: Vital for Strength”, has listed various iron enhancers and inhibitors, which directly affect the absorption of iron. It lists beef as one of the best enhancers. Teachers from various schools across the state and freelancers contribute to 'Shiksha Sarathi'.

The government in Haryana feels the report is in direct conflict with the policy on beef existing in Haryana, which is why a 'serious' view has been taken on the issue.

Chief Minister ML Khattar had recently courted controversy after he had said that 'Muslims may stay in India, but they will have to leave beef'.

The CM said this in an interview to a prominent English daily. Khattar denied having said anything to this effect claiming that his words had been twisted.

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