Couple in Alwar claim Geeta as their daughter

Couple in Alwar claim Geeta as their daughter

Couple in Alwar claim Geeta as their daughter

Amidst claims by families from UP and Jharkhand, a couple from the Mev community in Rajasthan’s Alwar district on Saturday said Geeta is their long lost daughter.

Geeta, who is speech and hearing impaired, recently returned from Pakistan having accidentally entered the country and was cared for by a local NGO.

Mohammad Khan and his wife Hameedi, residents of Saimla village under Govindgarh Police Station, said Geeta was none other than their daughter Hanseera who vanished without a trace in 2003.

The couple first approached Alwar’s child line and later took their claims to the district collector. “We lost our daughter Hanseera in 2003. Geeta resembles her. Our other children also have a resemblance to her. So we claim Geeta as our lost child,” Mohammad Khan said.

“We first approached Alwar’s child line, the additional district collector and then the district collector,” he said, adding that his family is ready to subject themselves to DNA test to prove that they are Geeta’s true parents.

The parents said Hanseera disappeared on June 11, 2003 under mysterious circumstances. Their searches of her did not yield any results. “We spent a lot of money searching Hanseera,” Mohammad Khan said.

“We even lodged a missing person’s complaint at that time, but all our efforts went futile. Like Geeta, our daughter was also speech and hearing impaired.” The local administration and the police have approached the couple’s home village with their documents to check for their veracity, while a copy was also sent to the Prime Minister’s Office.

Geeta was about seven or eight when Pakistani rangers found her seated alone on Samjhauta Express at Lahore railway station 15 years ago.